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Best Investment Property Locations

…  We will also periodically review and offer insights into certain markets as to their viability and buy/sell grades.
If you would like to learn more about how to identify trends, cycles and the best markets for real estate investment visit our Housing Alerts section. You will learn how a Harvard MBA & CPA is able to identify the best real estate investment markets.
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Apartment Investment Property Cap Rate Targets

…  including the combination of stiff competition,  a limited supply of properties and the number of well priced properties.
We are still seeing a disconnect in multi family valuations fromwhat is on the market and what investors are willing to pay as they adopt more conservative acquisition strategy that better fit the current environment.  Based on in place net operating incomes ( NOI) we are seeing a demand for cap rates between 8%-11% currently in appartment building.  The lower end cap rate expectation is near 8%  for top tier grade A properties, while mid tier demand …