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House Buyers Want Off Market Single Family Homes

…  ranked from least expensive to most expensive, then the price of the 15th house from the bottom will typically reflect the price point of where investment grade properties begin. This definition provides a reasonable benchmark of a starting point in many towns, but may not apply equally well across all metros.  On the high-end where the economics of investment grade properties tends to fade  is north of the 40th percentile as the price to rent ratio often doesn’t support positive cash flow for investors.
Do you have an off market property that you want to sell? …

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Chicago Residential Investors Target Newer Homes

…  the price of an “investment grade property. This definition provides a reasonable benchmark in many towns, but may not apply equally well across all neighborhoods in the city. Historically, the 15th price point appears to offer the investor a reasonable rate of income. Over time, as supply and demand rebalance, one would expect rents to rise or property prices to drop. Once you get past the 25th-30th percentile however the price to rent ratio often doesn’t support positive cash flow. So although investors target newer construction homes they want homes priced well in working class neighborhoods not the McMansions and high end …

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Who are Typical Triple Net Lease Property Sellers

…  will want to do his own due diligence before proceeding with this purchase.
This seller profile provides a variety of unique opportunities for both the seller and the investor.  This situation arises when a business concern owns their own facilities but needs to access the equity from the property.  Often, the seller’s motivation to cash out on their real estate is business expansion or some sort of growth opportunity. Conversely, the motivation could also be that company cash flow is tight and the money is needed for operations.  Either way, the company seeks out …

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Private Equity Residential Cashflow Models

…  Residential Cash Flow Models is Critical

Buying homes as investment properties where they are fixed up and then a rented for cash flow has long been dominated by individual mom and pop Main Street type investors. But now Wall Street hedge funds, private-equity firms, pension funds and university endowments are entering the market in a very big way. The attraction for Wall Street is really simple, double digit returns at a time when most bonds and other income investments yield very little.  The most popular strategy is for a big …

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Chicago Northwest Suburbs Apartment Buildings For Sale & Apartment Building Loans

…  buying an apartment building in Chicago’s Northwest suburbs? Do you need to refinance your existing Chicago apartment building to take advantage of todays low rates.?  Managing your debt on an asset in today’s market can be one of the single strongest moves to improving cash flow. The BuyersUtopia network has small balance commercial loans available for multi family, mixed use, retail, self storage &  industrial properties. The Chicago Northwest Suburbs have a number of opportunities on multi family deals that would fit our networks lending parameters.
If you are looking to …

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Residential Rental Property Markets Providing Investors Solid Returns

…  to the findings, CoreLogic discovered that the most lucrative opportunities for single family REO’s to rental investors are in the Midwest and Florida due to adequate stock of potential REO property and also due to the high cap rates.
Capitalization rates are effective and common measurement tools for measuring the profitability of investment property. Capitalization rates have displayed stability since year 2010 thus they are currently the most suitable tools for measuring annual rental cash flow. The rates have also proved to provide a higher return for real estate investments …

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How to Use a Self Directed IRA for Real Estate Investment

…  control of their own retirement future by setting up a Self-Directed IRA plan. The other motive is simply return’s, when an investor is getting 10% Cash on Cash Return on residential income properties, it is a pretty easy decision for most.
Investment Real Estate is one of the more popular options for using a Self-Directed IRA, otherwise known as a Real Estate IRA or Self Directed IRA LLC. Real Estate investments have a potential higher rate of return through the combination of cash flow and appreciation, which in turn can accelerate the …

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Atlanta Investment Property Market

…  forecast looks promising. Current condominium and home sales will likely remain slow in several areas, for a while, even with historically low home finance rates. However, the market is indicating that overall real estate sales are trending in a positive direction — even though Atlanta housing prices are predicted to decline slightly.
Tip for Atlanta Investors
Real estate investors looking to make strides in the Atlanta housing market should focus on adding only properties with positive cash flow to their portfolios. Using this sure-fire investment strategy, investors can’t go …

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Top Residential Rental Income Property Markets

Why Residential Income Property
Nearly 4 million families have been pushed into the rental markets since the great recession began and the housing bubble burst. At the same time the supply of habitable rental units has shrunk substantially. The result is that rents are rising and investors are moving in for the returns. The National Association of Realtors projects a 4% average increase in rents nationally this year and 4% in 2013. Goldman Sachs economists estimate that rental properties (acquired at today’s prices) are yielding more than 6% on average nationwide.
The …

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Real Estate Cycles

…  U.S Home Real Estate Cycles in order to decide where and when to get into your real estate investments. All real estate markets are not created equal. Many local markets are struggling with recovery while others are seeing strong demand and appreciation. Pick the winners and losers Learn More!
Focus on U.S. Income Property
If one’s focus in on appreciation than timing markets is absolutely essential. The tried and true method of real estate investors focussing only on positive cash flow properties is the method the one method that will succeed regardless of market cycles. If investors only …