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Best Performing Commercial Real Estate Asset Class

…  Do you know what the best performing commercial real estate asset class has been for the past year ?
Answer: It is proven one of real estate most recession resilient asset classes and has been outperforming not only for the last year, but  every year for  over a decade.  Visit BestCRE.com to learn which asset class it is and how you can get involved earning returns from …

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Potential <b>buyers</b> line up for Midtown's Palmer Plaza

…  buyers line up for Midtown's Palmer Plaza
Four bidders are in the running to acquire Midtown's Palmer Plaza office building, according to a report in real estate trade publication Commercial Real Estate Direct. Walton Street Capital, Rubenstein Partners, TA Realty and DRA Advisors are the …
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How to Play the Real–Estate Market
The slowdown is good news for home buyers, of course. And recent weakness in real-estate investments, including home builders, has created opportunities for bargain hunters, some analysts say. But if the Federal Reserve begins raising interest …

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Norway Jumps to No. 2 Foreign <b>Buyer</b> of U.S. <b>Real Estate</b>

…  Jumps to No. 2 Foreign Buyer of U.S. Real Estate
Norway has vaulted to the top ranks of foreign U.S. commercial real estate buyers as its $ 870 billion sovereign-wealth fund, the world's largest, acquires buildings from New York to San Francisco. The country has spent more than $ 3.2 billion on U.S …
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Norway jumps to second-biggest foreign buyer of US real estate
Norway has vaulted to the top ranks of foreign U.S. commercial real estate buyers as its $ 870 billion sovereign-wealth fund, the …

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New Chicago Commercial Properties For Sale

…  BuyersUtopia team works with investors in the evaluation of commercial real estate opportunities in the greater Chicagoland  area. Our particular focus is on small balance commercial deals from $500,000 – $5,000,000 . Our debt partners offer smart fast underwriting of commercial real estate deals. 
The below commercial properties are brand new to the market. We continually update this page with New Chicago Commercial Properties For …

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Commercial Master Lease Option Methods For Acquiring or Flipping Real Estate Investment Properties

…  Lease Options are one of the best ways for acquiring Commercial Real Estate Investment Properties with little to no money down! Even better, you can really mitigate the risk of your investment since you are ultimately committing to very little with the seller!
In 2013 there is really only one way to profit in Commercial real estate with out cash, credit, experience or risk. That is being able to master Commercial Master Lease Options techniques. Here’s how a Commercial Master Lease Option works:
First you identify an owner of an underperforming …

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Real Jobs – Real Estate Jobs Site

…  are sorry to say we will close down at the end of January of 2013. We thought that being free (subsidized by my own personal funds and Global Cloud our host for a few decades) we could build up a following and slowly improve the site. We also generated career resource books that we hoped would serve the industry, on commercial real estate career guides. But the web sites that charged fees resulted in many non-profit organizations dropping our link in favor of job sites that charged fees and …

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2013 Real Estate & Investment Property Market Overview

…  contributor to GDP growth for four straight quarters. Even the automobile sector is up by nearly double-digit rates due to pent-up demand, providing positive momentum in hard-hit manufacturing cities in the Midwest and South. Employment is expected to return to peak numbers by 2015 in the U.S., and the unemployment rate is expected to reach an “acceptable” 6.5% level by 2016. Along the way, the U.S. economy will continue to shift towards service-oriented jobs, which tend to occupy commercial real estate space such as office, retail and the like.
Demand …

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How to Use a Self Directed IRA for Real Estate Investment

…  Return on residential income properties, it is a pretty easy decision for most.
Investment Real Estate is one of the more popular options for using a Self-Directed IRA, otherwise known as a Real Estate IRA or Self Directed IRA LLC. Real Estate investments have a potential higher rate of return through the combination of cash flow and appreciation, which in turn can accelerate the value of the IRA.
In 2012 opportunities to purchase real estate at extremely low prices in both residential and commercial real estate are extraordinary. Residential rents are stabilizing and …

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REO Insurance Protects Lenders

…  right direction to ensure your choices are the best ones for your assets.  Overall, a real estate insurance plan through Buyers Utopia Insurance provides you, the lender, with the unique ability to control your policy and ultimately control your costs in a way that is beneficial to your company and your real estate portfolio.
Get an Insurance Quote
Contact a Buyers Utopia Insurance Network Team REO advisor today to discuss builders risk insurance, vacant property coverage, assistance with a commercial real estate plan, rental property insurance, residential coverage and/or equipment coverage. …

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Parking Garage Buyers Target Returns In Niche Investment Property Market

…  facilities present viable commercial real estate investment opportunities. In the past, many parking-type opportunities have not appealed to institutional and pension fund investors. However, new interest has piqued for this niche real estate opportunity.  This renewed enthusiasm can be attributed in great part to the relatively small amount of capital outlay required for what can potentially be a long-term, high-yielding asset.  Some industry experts recognize parking lot investments will fast become a highly …