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Commercial Real Estate Buyers of Investment Property

…  us, with a preliminary overview of your property. We will schedule a conference call with you and provide you a checklist of items we will need from you to submit a complete package to our investors.
Learn about Commercial Master Lease Options  You can control and  acquire or flip commercial investment property to our network.
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Denver Real Estate Investment Partnerships

…  and profits depend on the sale of a property.
At best once a track record is established, an investor may be able to leverage their cash position with a bank, if they have a banking relationship in tact.  The reality of the matter, is that investors who do not have millions liquid will need and should use leverage.  That option is using a hard money lender, which may charge 12%-17% plus a few percentage points on the front or back of the loan.
I personally have been fixing and flipping Denver …

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Denver Area Income Property For Sale

…  and surrounding neighborhoods is buying older properties, tearing them down to build new and modern homes.  Often developers will purchase several older homes in a row on contract to build fancy town home plots that even in today’s real estate market draw significant interest.
The Green Valley Ranch area offers affordable living, big box retailers and close vicinity to jobs, which are great features.  The negative factor however, is the abundance in land.  The purchase of Denver investment property here does offer cash flow and double digit returns for investors, but future value in …

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Buying Income Property In Denver

…  higher returns with less hands on involvement, will want to consider commercial real estate investing, or private money lending. These types of investing will mitigate unwanted phone calls or maintenance.
Investors who do not posses as much as, or do not mind actively being hands on with property should consider investing in residential property. Depending on the level of involvement, investors may want to consider purchasing rehabbed property.
The Buyers Utopia team can help on all levels of Denver Investment Property acquisitions depending on where prospective buyers are in their real …

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Denver Investment Property Loans

…  distressed assets.  Recently, my group re-habbed a property that offers over $550 a month in net cash flow with a purchase price of $110,000.  That is a 6% return on a cash purchase!  At 25% down, with 75% financed, that is a 24% return on investment in the first year based only on annual cash flow!  Investors will not find those returns backed with a real asset nearly anywhere.  Most properties with the proper research can be purchased turn-key below replacement cost.
Keys to Financing Denver Investment Property
The key to …

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Investment Property Advice

…  is that even if the prices decline another 10% or 20% in some markets  investors can live with that if they are cash flow postive positions.  If you plan on holding for five years  or more with cash flow as your fundamental strategy  there’s no need to worry about price drops.  A final piece of advice is to always minimize your tax burden and consider all tax deductions for investment property  as well as an investment property exchange as a way to avoid capital gains.
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Private Money for Denver Real Estate Investment

…  the proper contracts to protect themselves will allow borrowers to source money for deals that make sense, but are lacking the cash needed to successfully close.
To learn more about private lending opportunities in Denver, or inquire about potential capital for your opportunity, sign up today.
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Evaluating Denver Investment Property

…  never purchased one before.  The reward on commercial properties can be great, but the risk can also be great.  How accurate are rents on the rent roll?  Are the rents single, double or triple net?  When do the current leases expire?  What is the relationship like with the current tenant?  The list goes on and on.  Once again, evaluating after experience becomes much easier, but spending money upfront your first time will typically pay off to avoid any major mistakes.

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Best Areas For Denver Investment Property

…  prefer to own newer built homes at historically low prices.  Suburban areas such as Green Valley Ranch, Parkfield and Aurora offer investment property that is 2000 or newer built at prices below re-placement cost.  Some real estate investors prefer this type of property because it is low in maintenance, appealing to the primary buyer for an exit strategy and is able to offer positive cash flow with a future for appreciation due to population growth and incoming businesses.
The best areas for Denver investment property depend on the strategy of …

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Investment Property Tenant Tips

…  days from advertising to lease signing. We give prospective investors the option of private or assisted tenants while conducting due diligence for their investment property.  It truly comes down to the owner’s preference of tenant type, history and their future ability to make payments.
There are other programs sponsored by the government and agencies that real estate investors can take advantage of if it fits their investment strategy, criteria and cash flow requirements.
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