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Best DIY Solar Panels

…  are the best DIY Solar Panels? If your doing a green real estate project you can either DIY ( Do It Yourself ) or get a professional installer. Solar Panel prices continue to fall and we are always updating the best prices on Solar Panels.
You can enter any Solar product in our search box and get instant results, from inverters to batteries, on and off grid systems we have over 2500 solar products in our system currently.
[sellfire id=”512864ea0c888c0974024fc8″ …

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Green Real Estate Rebates Increase Returns on Property Investment

…  Estate Investors have many incentives to get rebates and grants from various sources for their green real estate investment projects. A properly executed Green Real Estate Project also increases the ROI on the property itself, through lower energy costs and higher resale and rental rates.
Energy Efficiency & Green Real Estate Rebates:

The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) is an ongoing project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE). The site is administered by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory …

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Green Home Equity Loans

…  these days.
Green Jobs:  There may be a side benefit to the PowerSaver program – the work available through the funding of home improvement loans is anticipated to create over 3,000 new jobs. If the program is successful enough to be expanded and extended, that number could increase. Who would have guessed that in addition to benefiting the environment and your bottom line, going green could benefit your community, as well?
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High Efficiency Green Rehabs

…  and more. Speak to the managers of your supply stores about your green upgrades and see what discounts you can get.
Keep a running list of benefits: Itemize the green upgrades you’ve made and the corresponding benefits to prospective buyers, tenants, appraisers, and so forth. This can be a very simple yet effective.
Draw attention to specific savings: Find out the average utility costs in your area. Then look at your improvements and list the savings for prospective buyers.

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Home Energy Retrofits Green Real Estate

…  Apples to Apples:  A Case-by-Case or Model-Based Approach Toward Green Real Estate?
By: Luke Bujarski
In 2008 the Chicago Climate Action Plan set out an ambitious goal of retrofitting 400,000 residential units by 2020.  As the green real estate movement picks up steam, national and local initiatives like Obama’s proposed HomeStar legislation and the Chicago Region Initiative for Better Buildings (CRIBB), might actually offer the needed tailwind to give the ambitious plan a run for its money.  But, with a $2.0 billion dollar price tag and a the current retrofit rate …

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Green Real Estate Improves Home Values

…  or Cost Savings? Banking on Green Real Estate to Improve Existing Home Values
 By:  Luke Bujarski
Today’s competitive real estate market is making it extremely difficult for owners to sell their existing properties.  One way property owners can set themselves apart in this tough market is through green certification.  As the green building movement continues to gain momentum, ever-scrupulous buyers will be drawn toward properties that have their green credentials, while shying away from those that do not.  …  sellers can use this verifiable designation as a way to attract buyers.  Likewise, …

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Flagstaff Green Real Estate Investment -Flagstaff Home Energy Audit

…  to effect almost every aspect of peoples lives, seeking savings through energy efficiency and clean green energy makes sense on many levels.
Investing in the energy efficiency of real estate has two intertwined virtues that make it attractive in a world with a changing climate and destabilized economy. It cuts global warming green house gas emissions and saves money by reducing energy consumption.  Given that the built environment accounts for nearly 40 percent of total energy use in the U.S. green real estate investment and green rehabs in particular maybe …

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Green Real Estate Investment Trusts – Green REITs

…  managers will likely react with a renewed interest in promoting green-driven, high-performance portfolios.  Company branding and marketing strategies will inevitably follow suit in the form of press releases, energy performance portfolio listings, new web content, tweets and other creative means to reign in fresh capital.
Ultimately, the question is whether Obama’s proposed measures will be enough to nudge REITs to take on the up-front costs of large-scale retrofits.
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Keeping PACE with Revolving Loan Programs in Green Building

…  the risk of lend-wary bankers blocking droves of hopeful homeowners from securing mortgages.
A renewed focus on commercial properties demonstrates how the rules of the game around PACE programs continue to evolve.  The reason why PACE programs have gained momentum is because they overcome one of the greatest hurtles to building efficiency improvement measures – up-front costs.  Many are hopeful that it may be too late to close the flood gates on swelling demand for energy efficient green real estate.  At the very least, PACE programs will continue to reshape …

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Mandatory Energy Benchmarking for Green Real Estate Investment

…  Luke Bujarski
New York City Local Law 86 is setting yet another aggressive standard for the green real estate investment market.  On May 1st, privately owned buildings larger than 50,000 square feet will be required to submit annual benchmark reports on building energy and water usage.  Since the law will eventually require public disclosure of this information, property owners and investors could see a big shift in focus toward building energy performance when buying and selling. These and other local initiatives are springing up in different cities and regions across …