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Foreign <b>buyers</b> taking over — this time it's Canadians in Florida

…  of all international purchases. Canada has been number one for seven straight years, cooling on Florida real estate after a 2011 …
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Gen X home buyers want mortgage freedom
Gen X-ers are fairly evenly split between those who see themselves living in their current home forever (42%) and those who see it as a stepping stone to a different property (45%). In addition to the sale price of the home, Gen X-ers must factor in …
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Cooling Housing Market Highlights Best Markets for Buyers, …

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Flipping Luxury Houses – The Next Big Thing

…  up to buy luxury homes. The mid to low end market is drying up. Flipping luxury homes may have a higher initial investment cost, but in the right location, the risk is worth it. Since 2011, the number of homes valued over one million dollars that have been flipped has risen 40%. This is the time to take advantage of this investment opportunity and reap the benefits of flipping luxury homes.
Katie Kent is a real estate agent and writer from Tucson, Arizona. She has written articles about the housing …

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2013 Real Estate & Investment Property Market Overview

…  U.S. real estate market improved in 2012, and there is good reason for optimism going forward as several industries are now contributing positively to the economy. Energy and technology markets are booming again, and the U.S. housing market recovery is gaining momentum. In fact, residential housing has been a positive contributor to GDP growth for four straight quarters. Even the automobile sector is up by nearly double-digit rates due to pent-up demand, providing positive momentum in hard-hit manufacturing cities in the Midwest and South. Employment is expected to return …

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2013 Real Estate Trends Residential Rental Property in Demand by Wall Street & Main Street

…  single-family rental market has always existed with some 12 million homes for rent but there never has been this much interest and capital moving into a national institutionally-managed, single-family rentals.  It has been estimated that private-equity firms and other institutional investors have raised $6 billion to $8 billion to invest in this new asset class. Numerous private-equity firms have crowded into the business looking for a way to increase yields and bet on the recovery of the housing market. Institutions growing commitment to this strategy offers fresh evidence that the purchases of residential …

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Residential Rental Property Markets Providing Investors Solid Returns

…  studies indicate that real estate owned properties have a rental market that will easily reach $100 billion this year (2012). The biggest beneficiaries will be single-family REO investors in the Midwest and Florida.
Research findings from CoreLogic show that the rental market for single family rentals are very strong and vibrant. This is because the market is characterised by stable rental income, high closing pace and low monthly supply of rental houses. The sector is among the few in the housing market that provides investors with returns that are higher …

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Atlanta Investment Property Market

…  epicenter of the turmoil.  Real estate prices in the once burgeoning metro area (consisting of several counties) tumbled fast as the foreclosure fiasco gripped the region.
Things Looking Up
However, things are turning around, and investors are seeing light at the end of what was a dismal tunnel. Recently, some areas of the United States have started to actually hit bottom, and that’s good news. Once the market hits bottom, it will start to come back up. A thankful upward trend for the housing market is on the horizon.
Experts can see …

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Tulsa Investment Property

…  Oklahoma, employment opportunities within the agricultural, natural gas, and oil sectors are contributing to a housing market turnaround. Many experts predict a total recovery is in the wings, even as many parts of the United States still struggle through one of the worst economic downturns the nation has ever experienced. Attractive mortgage rates, strong homes sales, and the low rate of foreclosures in areas like the large metropolis of Oklahoma City are driving homebuyers to the state.
Many cities within The Sooner State are reporting positive market statistics. Though housing …

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How to Predict Best Real Estate Investment Markets

…  no secret that the housing market is still struggling in the US.  Everyday you hear attempts to call market bottoms and that now is the best time ever to buy real estate.  On some level the media treats this housing crisis like something that has never happened before, which is simply not true.
If you look back on a 35 year inflation adjusted housing appreciation chart for the entire US, you’ll see that once again, history has repeated itself. True, this time the housing market experienced a longer and higher …

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Foreign Buyers U.S. Property Investment Growing

…  housing market in the United States is becoming more appealing to foreign investors, who view it as a safe investment haven. These buyers are becoming increasingly attracted to the nation’s low prices and vast inventory.
According to a report released by the National Association of REALTORS® (Profile of International Home Buying Activity 2012, Purchases of U.S. Real Estate by International Clients for the Twelve Month Period Ending March 2012), $82.5 Billion in sales can be attributed to …  pattern is now visible in foreign investors’ geographic selections. On a broad scale, …

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Green Home Equity Loans

…  the only ones subjected to a level of scrutiny for this program. In order to participate in PowerSaver, lenders must have already demonstrated their interest in and willingness to make green home improvement loans. And while the majority of the risk of default will be assumed by the FHA, lenders must also assume a small percentage of that risk. So far, only 18 lenders across the nation will be able to participate. Still, all that is to be expected in a time when the economy is struggling, the housing …