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Relative Risk Index Identifies the Ideal Location for Residential Rental Property

…  are pinpointing the ideal locations for their residential rental property investments by looking at detailed historical data as it relates to certain common risk factors that could effect a rental properties long term performance. This underwriting practice utilizes a Relative Risk Index to vet and underwrite residential income property deals. This preliminary residential rental property underwriting technique is a unique benefit for both individual investors and lenders as a way to mitigate risk and increase the likelihood of long term successful investment.
Wall Street institutions, private equity and hedge funds have been internally using sophisticated modeling …

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2013 Real Estate Trends Residential Rental Property in Demand by Wall Street & Main Street

…  housing recovery play.
The recent developments may well represent a tipping point as several new domestic and international institutional players have placed big bets on the residential rental property market. Individual investors need to be careful as it seems the institutions are causing some cap rate compression in certain markets. Real Estate Investment Advisor Robert Stec of Ideal Location, Inc whose company works with both individual investors and private equity firms on investment grade income property acquisitions say’s, “We have two dynamics playing out, the first is institutions and international …

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REO To Rental Market Emerging As Institutional Asset Class

…  is hot . Real Estate has always been popular as REIT’s have loaded up on strip malls, office buildings and apartment buildings. Now we are seeing institutions for the first time turning to residential real estate after a 34 percent plunge in prices since the 2006 peak. They see an opportunity to enter the single-family leasing market as rents climb and the U.S. homeownership rate sits at a 15-year low.
Even Warren Buffet is encouraging investors to get in on the new Residential Income Property asset …

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Off market investment properties in demand by sellers and buyers

…  of actually out bidding the other interested parties.
There is a lot of evidence to show that off-market transactions are preferred by investment property buyers as well.   Many will even pay for the chance to get a first viewing or private showing of a property. Off market sales are perhaps most beneficial when there are complications or problems associated with a deal. It allows all parties involved to have control over the privacy of the sale process.
Attract Qualified Buyers
Off market income property often generates higher bids as buyers attempt …

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Residential Rental Property Markets Providing Investors Solid Returns

Research studies indicate that real estate owned properties have a rental market that will easily reach $100 billion this year (2012). The biggest beneficiaries will be single-family REO investors in the Midwest and Florida.
Research findings from CoreLogic show that the rental market for single family rentals are very strong and vibrant. This is because the market is characterised by stable rental income, high closing pace and low monthly supply of rental houses. The sector is among the few in the housing market that provides investors with returns that are higher …

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Dollar General Investment Property Offers Real Estate Investors Good Returns

…  nation’s leading discount general store operator with 10,203 locations.These Dollar General leased properties give an investor the opportunity to receive high-yielding cap rates guaranteed by an investment grade rated tenant with $14.8 Billion in revenue reported in the last fiscal year!
ATTENTION INVESTORS: If your are looking for solid cash on cash returns with a discount retailer as your tenant. We assist with due diligence and debt for your Dollar General or Family Dollar Corporate NNN income property!
Company | S&P Rating | Moody’s Rating | Outlook
Dollar General | BB | Ba3 | …

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Corporate Tenant Ratings

…  more regular  investors moving out of residential and multi family properties and into single tenant commercial properties with corporate tenants.
With leases ranging from 5 years to 20 years on investment grade tenants offer investors the long term security they desire.  One of the big benefits of these long term triple net lease is that the Tenant and not the property owners are responsible for things like property reapirs and property taxes.  With a true triple net corporate lease your income property behaves more like an annuity. The best part is that …

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How to Use a Self Directed IRA for Real Estate Investment

…  strategies, processes and rules, SET UP a new account, and INVEST with confidence in alternatives to the stock market.
To Get A FREE Consultation with a Tax Advisor and to learn more about how you can take advantage of a self directed IRA for you real estate investments  Through the Buyers Utopia network our Tax Attorneys can set up a check book control IRA for only $1200.  Some of the big name IRA companies are charging 2x, 3x and 4x as much!
ATTENTION INVESTORS: Purchase a residential income property in one …

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Atlanta Investment Property Market

Atlanta Investment Property
For over ten years, the state of Georgia excelled in many areas, including housing. The state was heralded as a top-growing U.S. region.  Then it happened; the real estate market took a severe nose-dive. Cities and states throughout the nation suffered at the hands of a brutal economic crisis, and The Peach State was not spared.
Almost one is three houses in Georgia were underwater. Homeowners owed more on their loans than their properties were worth.  Job losses, budget cuts, layoffs and setbacks crippled enclaves throughout the area. And …

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Foreign National Investment Properties

…  half of international investors hailed from India, China, Canada, the United Kingdom and Mexico. Over 55 percent of foreign buyers came from these five countries.
Where were these buyers purchasing properties?  Primarily in the states of New York, California, Texas, Florida and Arizona. The majority of sales, approximately 60 percent, were concentrated in these five states. And 62 percent of those foreign investment dollars were in the form of cash purchases. The hot spots for residential income property investing are markets like Atlanta, Chicago, Charlotte, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City & Memphis …