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House Buyers Want Off Market Single Family Homes

…  you have a newer home that was constructed after 1990 and considering selling? Our network of individual investors and private equity buyers will make you an offer for your home. You can save time and money and your property can be closed in only 30 days. Newer homes are in high demand in zip codes across the country. Our investors will rehab the homes, make them rent ready and get them leased up to make the homes investor grade quality.
Investment Grade properties are homes for sale that can support good cash flows …

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Chicago Residential Investors Target Newer Homes

…  estate investors are focussing on houses less than a quarter century old. Newer homes,  less than 25 years old built after 1990 are in high demand if it is investor grade.Investment Grade properties are homes for sale that can support good cash flows when managed as rentals. Prices supported by their gross revenues and net operating incomes. Typically single family homes have not been an asset class that has been targeted by institutions as investment grade. This is rapidly changing as private equity companies have been rapidly acquiring single family homes and taking …

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Protected: Single Family Home Rental Property Portfolio Buyers

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Private Equity Residential Cashflow Models

…  out, in some key markets. This is partially because we are talking about older housing stockas the majority of these properties are more than  two decades old.

The importance of getting construction or specifically, re-construction or rehabilitation costs right cannot be overstated, it is vital to success. The quality and cost of rehab can continue to benefit or haunt the asset far past the initial completion of work. This is a truth for both local individual investors doing rehabs and the private equity companies aggregating for securitization.  The reality is if …

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Bulk Home Portfolios

…  BuyersUtopia network is actively engaged in the acquisition and disposition of bulk portfolio’s of tenanted properties.
If you are a private equity firm, property management company or individual investor with a portfolio of properties please contact us.
Buyers we have select portfolios available for acquisition. Current Markets Tulsa, Oklahoma 14 Cap – Jacksonville, Florida 8.5 Cap – Houston Texas, 8.5 Cap – Indianpolis, IN 11 Cap. 
Buyers utilize the BuyersUtopia Investment Grade Residential platform for acquisition of portfolios because of our rigorous vetting process and elimination of Broker …

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Commercial Master Lease Option Methods For Acquiring or Flipping Real Estate Investment Properties

…  Estate management principles and increase the performance and value of the property, thus increasing its future value. You can even make cash along the way by banking the difference between your lease rate with the owner and your new higher income.
Finally, you can exercise your option to buy the property at what is now a discounted price, because you increased its value, or flip the right to buy the property to somebody else at a premium and keep the difference! The BuyersUtopia network of private equity investors is continually …

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Jacksonville Florida Real Estate Buyers Acquisitions of Single Family Rental Properties

…  are currently looking to acquire individual and portfolio’s of single family homes in the Jacksonville Florida market. The BuyersUtopia network is made up of numerous individual investors, private equity firms  and institutional investors that are aggregating single family rental properties in the Jacksonville Florida market.
We can buy Class A and Class B properties in the greater Jacksonville area including the Northside, Westside, Southside, and Arlington, as well as the Jacksonville Beaches.
We can also buy single family rental properties within the four municipalities within Duval County which are outside of Jacksonville’s city limits: Baldwin, Atlantic …

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Relative Risk Index Identifies the Ideal Location for Residential Rental Property

…  detailed historical data as it relates to certain common risk factors that could effect a rental properties long term performance. This underwriting practice utilizes a Relative Risk Index to vet and underwrite residential income property deals. This preliminary residential rental property underwriting technique is a unique benefit for both individual investors and lenders as a way to mitigate risk and increase the likelihood of long term successful investment.
Wall Street institutions, private equity and hedge funds have been internally using sophisticated modeling and underwriting techniques inorder to scale large portfolio’s of REO to Rental single family …

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2013 Real Estate Trends Residential Rental Property in Demand by Wall Street & Main Street

…  trend playing out as part of a long-term housing recovery play.
The recent developments may well represent a tipping point as several new domestic and international institutional players have placed big bets on the residential rental property market. Individual investors need to be careful as it seems the institutions are causing some cap rate compression in certain markets. Real Estate Investment Advisor Robert Stec of Ideal Location, Inc whose company works with both individual investors and private equity firms on investment grade income property acquisitions say’s, “We have two dynamics …

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REO To Rental Market Emerging As Institutional Asset Class

…  single family rental market has historically been a fragmented market funded with capital from smaller mom and pop type investors. Institutional investor interest has increased significantly  as the large foreclosure inventory combined with a secular shift toward renting has created the possibility of larger-scale investments in the space. Private Equity and Institutional investors interested in acquiring bank-owned properties are currently flooding the market throughout the country and had been estimated they have raised anywhere from $6 to $8 billion.
The private-equity firms entering the residential space are spending hundreds of millions buying foreclosed single-family …