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Predictive Residential Investment Property Analytics

…  Technology Transforming the Residential Real Estate Investment Industry
Predictive analytics is about to transform the residential real estate investment property industry  Predictive analytics can help investors understand the proverbial question, ” How good is the area?”  and in turn better manage risk.
Over the past few years as Wall Street hedge funds have aggressively moved in to single family homes as an alternate asset class many of these investment funds have been creating their own models for determining the risk associated with a particular property.
Today, predictive analytics is beginning to …

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Commercial Master Lease Option Methods For Acquiring or Flipping Real Estate Investment Properties

…  Estate Investment Properties with little to no money down! Even better, you can really mitigate the risk of your investment since you are ultimately committing to very little with the seller!
In 2013 there is really only one way to profit in Commercial real estate with out cash, credit, experience or risk. That is being able to master Commercial Master Lease Options techniques. Here’s how a Commercial Master Lease Option works:
First you identify an owner of an underperforming Commercial Real Estate Investment Property who no longer wishes to own or …

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Investment Property Broker

…  investment property. Included in this set of services is a systematic approach to investment property sales  We will ensure that:

Your property receives maximum exposure to the market,

You receive the optimum sales price within a clearly defined time frame,

Call Robert Stec Managing Partner of Ideal Location, Inc’s Real Estate Investment Division at  312.433.9300 x 20 for more information on getting your investment property the national exposure it deserves.
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Investment Property Blast

…  you are a property owner or real estate promoter looking for effective exposure for your real estate investment property to a community of real estate professionals an investment property blast is an effective solution.  It is with out question an easy an affordable way to make  a property owners or brokers phone ring.
A nation wide investment property blast to a network of over 90,000  real estate investment professionals starts at $149-$249
Our list currently has over 90,000 active commercial investment property brokers and it is updated daily.  Our list currently …

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Private Money for Arizona Investment Property

…  has presented many opportunities for small residential investors, to large commercial investors and developers seeking distressed prices on qualified assets.
The common denominators in successfully closing distressed opportunities are relationships and having access to capital.  Without access to capital and quality relationships to access distressed opportunities, obtaining profitable assets is very difficult.  Private money lenders are a key component in not only the Arizona real estate investment property market, but all across the country.
Private money lenders are able to offer the capital necessary to fund opportunities, as well as contacts to potential deals. …

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Vacation Rental Home Investment Property

…  interest and property taxes on a second home even if you don’t rent it out; if you do, you typically can deduct a portion of your other costs, such as utilities and maintenance.
If your monthly mortgage payment on your vacation rental property is equal to or less than what your one week peak season rental rate is, and if you rent for 4 months out of the year, then you should be able to achieve positive cash flow.  You really do have to be careful of a “rule of …

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Sherwin Williams Triple Net Lease – Sherwin Williams Investment Property

…  is rated “A” (recently upgraded from “A-“) by Standard and Poors (S & P). As a real estate investment, Sherwin-Williams retail properties possess many attractive qualities.Sherwin Williams Investment Properties are viewed as not only a very stable assets but also generally available at attractive price points–many under $1 Million. Sherwin-Williams investors are rewarded with a long-term, stable tenant.
Despite these positives, Sherwin-Williams stores, as a real estate investment property vary in returns you might find offering capitalization rates in a range of anywhere from 6% to 10%. This wide range creates …

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Zoning Can Add Value to Real Estate Investment Property

Real Estate Investors & Developers often ask the question will re zoning my real estate investment add value. This question has been asked since the enabling statutes were first passed in the State. The answer to the real estate investors  question is not straightforward and is dependent upon a number of variables such as (a) the timing of the real estate market, (b) the true value of the land, (c) the population demographics in the immediate and surrounding areas, and (d) the job market.
 Other important considerations include what is represented in the …

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Real Estate Investment Property Marketing

…  you are a real estate investment provider , a real estate investment oriented developer or a real estate broker that specializes in a particular niche of real estate investment property in today’s marketplace you need a platform to help you get maximum exposure. BuyersUtopia understands the marketing needs of real estate investment brokers, real estate investment groups, real estate developers and real estate investment rehabers.
Our team can assist you with developing a professional presentation of your local investment opportunity to a national audience.  Our investment property eBlasts go out to a network of both …

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Green Investment Property

…  building and behaviors. Typical systems and recommendations that will be looked at are Building controls and EMS, HVAC & Mechanical, Building Envelope, Lighting as well as business process and employee behavior.
Any quality audit will also provide alternatives to generate distributed renewable energy. This will look at how to best make energy on site from the sun, wind or earth.  PV Solar ( electric), Solar Thermal ( hot water), Small Wind & Geothermal will all be alternatives for real estate investment property owners to consider based on their locations and incentives available.
If …