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With 100 launches, the great festive <b>real estate</b> show is on

…  100 launches, the great festive real estate show is on
Home buyers can choose from new towers in existing projects and altogether new properties. (Reuters). SummaryWith more than a hundred launches, across the top real estate markets in Mumbai.
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Regina real estate landscape shifts to buyer's market
Home buyers and sellers are noting a shift in the Regina market. According to recent figures compiled by the local real estate association, overall house prices in the city dropped by 2.4 percent in August compared with a year ago. Gord …

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2013 Real Estate & Investment Property Market Overview

…  to investors who have both REIT and private market portfolios. While the current accommodative monetary policies are expected to keep interest rates low for the near-term, rates could rise faster than expected at some point. In the property markets, the good news is that cap rates for most property types remain at wider than average spreads to long-term treasuries, providing some cushion against interest rate increases (to a point, of course).
Property Markets Widely Improving

U.S. real estate markets are broadly improving. While Class A properties in prime locations continue to …

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Real Estate Cycles

…  v=1]
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Uncover Appreciating Real Estate Markets
You have to be able to understand U.S Home Real Estate Cycles in order to decide where and when to get into your real estate investments. All real estate markets are not created equal. Many local markets are struggling with recovery while others are seeing strong demand and appreciation. Pick the winners and losers Learn More!
Focus on U.S. Income Property
If one’s focus in on appreciation …

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How to Predict Best Real Estate Investment Markets

…  the world use.
Do you think it’s coincidence that Wall St. bankers and traders often make more money in one year than a lot of the US population does in their lifetime?  Of course not, they have a lot of advantages and knowledge that the little guy doesn’t.  Did you know that over 500 years ago ancient Japanese rice merchants invented a system to help predict market cycles?  That same system is called “technical analysis” and is used today by all the big players.
The beauty about real estate markets is that they …

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2011 Real Estate  Market Outlook

…  market outlook ? Many predictions are being thrown about, butboth home buyers and investors need to consider the sources of these predictions before taking them too seriously. Remember the national media in 2005-6 was still bullish on the real estate market.  In fact when they where writing those positive predictions the real estate bubble had already burst. 
One thing for sure opportunities will be abundant  for savvy buyers as supplies of homes continues to outpace demand in many U.S. real estate markets in 2011.  The consensus of many of the experts making predictions on …

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Des Moines Investment Property Staging

…  Moines Investment Property Staging
Foreclosures are at record highs all across the country, which has created significant opportunity for real estate investors and prospective home buyers.  With overbuilding in the West Des Monies and Jordan Creek areas, 2000 built or newer homes are available at discounted prices.  Foreclosed homes purchased by real estate investors to be repaired and sold again are reaping the benefits of staged homes.  

Prior to distressed real estate markets, homeowners were able to sell their property without having the home staged fairly easily.  In today’s market, buyers …

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Denver Real Estate Trends

…  it’s own thumb print.  Denver is no exception and often surprises prospective buyers or real esate investors when they see the Denver real estate chart.
It surprises them, because the media leads most people to think that the entire country was experiencing a massive housing bubble from the early 2000’s through 2007.  This was true on a US macro level and in specific markets like Las Vegas, Phoenix and Cape Coral.
What most people do not know is that only 25 of the roughly 400 major real estate markets (7% of the US) experienced …

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Best Investment Property Locations

…  all real estate markets are created equal, and although most markets are still down many are in fact on the the upswing. The market in your own back yard may not be the best market to be acquiring investment property in. In fact certain indicators could have your own local market in a hold or sell cycle and not a buy cycle. One thing that real estate investors every where have learned from the recent economic crisis is that markets do not always go up.. Markets likewise never stay …

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BU 2.0

…  Home Buyers Utopia is the premier online search service for home buyers in the Chicago Area. Since 1996 we have assisted thousands of home buyers and real estate investors with their Chicago Real Estate needs. Simply select the type of property, size, price and areas you’re looking in. We will show you all the active property listings and keep you updated of new listings with e-mail’s. This includes everybody’s listings in the Chicago Real Estate markets — not just ours. When you register for the service you will receive …

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Invest in Commercial Debt not Properties

…  in severe financial distress are likely to take significant discounts on the purchase of debt, because they can’t refinance the debt. Lending standards and regulations have changed or tightened and commercial real estate values are flat so buying debt is the best practice in 2010. It is estimated that, commercial real estate values are off by as much as 40 or 50 percent so the attraction is in buying the debt, not in distressed property.

If you want to cash in on the current distressed real estate markets, buy equity, …