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Triple Net Lease Property Purchase Options

In addition to retail properties and office buildings, investors seeking to make triple net lease property purchases should consider restaurant, grocery, and other types of food-service properties.  Property sizes and locations may vary widely, making it easy for the investor to find a property that fits with their financial goals and investment portfolio.  Even in times of economic downturn, the consumer must eat.
National restaurant chains include such well-known entities as McDonalds, Burger King, Olive Garden, Applebee’s, Red Lobster, and Denny’s.  This type of company researches their locations exceptionally well and typically remains in …

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Finding Triple Net Lease Investment Properties

…  are excellent examples.
Whichever way the investor chooses to locate triple net lease investment properties, consulting with an attorney and tax professional is always a must prior to signing any legal documents or making a purchase with significant financial implications.
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Single Tenant Development Equity Partners For Triple Net Lease Deals

…  Tuffy’s

ATTENTION DEVELOPERS: If you are an independent developer who wants to do more deals make more money with less overhead and allow you to focus on what you do best, develop real estate then contact us. our real estate investment partners focus on providing equity capital for net lease development deals to be your go to equity source.
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Commercial Real Estate Buyers of Investment Property

…  not be interested.
I want to offer my property to your network, what’s next?
Contact us, with a preliminary overview of your property. We will schedule a conference call with you and provide you a checklist of items we will need from you to submit a complete package to our investors.
Learn about Commercial Master Lease Options  You can control and  acquire or flip commercial investment property to our network.
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Triple Net Lease Investment Property: An Introduction

…  in a lease, this will help to circumvent this problem. Developing an airtight lease agreement will also help mitigate risk, as well as choosing a property profile that may be desirable to another tenant, should the original tenant fail. Once the investor becomes well-versed in the details of triple net lease investing, and has the knowledge to weigh the benefits versus the risks, the obvious investment benefits will become clear.
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Triple Net Lease Credit Ratings

…  of well-known companies and their ratings include: Wal-Mart: S&P AA, Moody’s Aa2 Bank of America: S&P A+, Moody’s Aa3 Walgreens: S&P A, Moody’s A2 Home Depot: S&P BBB+, Moody’s Baa1 CVS/Caremark: S&P BBB+, Moody’s Baa2 Ford: S&P BB-, Moody’s Ba2 Ace Hardware: S&P BB-, Moody’s Ba3 Arby’s: S&P B+, Moody’s No Rating BevMo!: S&P B-, Moody’s Caa1
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Triple Net Lease Investment Property Exchange

…  just that simple.
Commercial properties with triple net leases in place offer investors a valuable opportunity for the creation of wealth.  Using the 1031 exchange program in conjunction with these properties will help the investor grow their income-producing property portfolio even more quickly.
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Triple Net Lease Investment Benefits

…  problems currently exist, or transpired in the past.  Although each property is different, these are some of the basic items the investor will need to look for on any triple net lease investment property.
Ideal triple net investment properties have one national tenant.  If there are multiple tenants in place, things get a little more complicated and somewhat more risky.  However, the investor can usually expect a correspondingly higher ROI, if they assume additional risk.
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Sherwin Williams Triple Net Lease – Sherwin Williams Investment Property

…  branded products are sold exclusively through a chain of more than 3,500 company-operated stores and facilities, while the companys other brands are sold through leading mass merchandisers, home centers, independent paint dealers, hardware stores, automotive retailers, and industrial distributions. The Sherwin-Williams Global Finishes Group distributes a wide range of products in more than 70 countries around the world. For more information, visit www.sherwin.com.
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Triple Net Lease Restaurant Buyers

…  franchisee or corporate stores.
Please note our network is currently only acquiring fast food locations only ! We are actively looking for the following single tenant triple net leases:

Wendys Triple Net Leases
Burger King Triple Net Leases
Dunkin Donuts Triple Net Leases
Arbys Triple Net Leases
WhatABurger Triple Net Leases
Taco Bell Triple Net Leases
Jack In The Box Triple Net Leases
Chick Fill A Triple Net Leases
Carl’s Jr. Triple Net Leases
Kentucky Fried Chicken Triple Net Leases

Triple Net Lease Restaurant Buyers Criteria
Locations for these Fast Food Triple Net Lease properties can be anywhere in the United States.  …