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10 “RED Flags” Every Home Buyer MUST Investigate before making the purchase

So you’re in the market for a new home. Is there something wrong with this home? Well that is the question every home buyer must ask themselves, and you have every right to be concerned. This is only the biggest investment of your life. Just like when you purchased your first car, you want to make sure that you are not getting stuck with a lemon. Wouldn’t it be great to know all the hidden defects before you purchase it???

Well sit back, relax and absorb the information because we are about to reveal Ten Clues that could lead to Big Time Hidden Defects in a Home!!!

Red Flag #1: Does the House Have a Tilt? Does the home tilt or lean in one specific direction? Maybe it’s just one room that literally feels like it is pulling you toward one specific corner. This tilt is probably due to sinking or settlement, and even though the home might have done all the settling it is going to do, the tilt will remain.

It may not bother you now and you might even consider it to be something that you can live with. But remember, you may just decide the sell the home yourself someday and a sinking or settlement issue will dramatically effect the marketability and sales price of your home.

Jacking up a leaning structure does not come cheap and sometimes it can do more harm than good. Also remember, that the home might not be finished settling. You could be walking into a financial nightmare.
So Take precaution before buying a home with a tilt!!!

Red Flag #2: Are there TREES Located Close to the Home? If there is anything you remember most about this report, remember this: A TREE’S ROOTS CAN EXTEND TWICE AS FAR AS ITS LIMBS. That means that if a tree’s limbs are hanging over the roof of the home, the tree may be TOO CLOSE to the home. The roots are most likely putting pressure on the home’s foundation. Not to mention, over hanging limbs can cause damage to a roof and clog up gutters. And how much would it cost to remove the tree? Let’s just say, it would probably take quite a few pay checks to save up for the venture!!!

Red Flag #3: Does the Home Have Freshly Painted Ceilings? Of Course, it’s nice to purchase a home that does not need touching up. But, be leery if the only fresh paint you see is on the ceiling. It doesn’t take much to figure this one out? Fresh paint could be hiding moisture stains from roof or central leaks. Don’t be afraid to Question the Owner About Freshly Painted Ceilings!!!

Red Flag #4: Does the Home Have Two Pronged Outlets? Homes built over 40 years ago were probably equipped with only two-pronged outlets. That means that the Outlets are not grounded, causing a danger to you and possibly even a fire hazard. Now, the majority of the outlets in the home might be three-pronged. But if any two-pronged outlets are spotted, be CAUTIOUS!!! The majority of the outlets may have just had a face lift converting them to three pronged outlets. And guess what that means: They Are Probably Not Grounded!!!

Red Flag #5: Was the Attached Garage Turned Into Living Quarters? How nice it is to have extra living space and many garages can turn out to be very attractive. But please don’t forget, it used to be a garage. Being a garage, the floor was probably lower than the original house slab. Has it been raised? What about the vehicle door? Was it converted into a wall? Is the bottom of the wall sealed properly as to not allow water to seep in after a heavy rain? Are the walls insulated?

If the garage has been changed over, it needs to be checked thoroughly. Pay close attention to the job that was done. It may have been done by an amateur.

Red Flag #6: Do the Doors Open and Close with Ease? It could be that the door just needs to be adjusted or the bottom needs to be shaved. But be careful!!! Especially with raised homes. It may be that the door frame is not square. This could be caused by unusual movement in the homes structure!!!

Red Flag #7: Is There Shrubbery Touching the Exterior Walls of the House? By Shrubbery, I mean bushes, plants, flowers, and of course trees. All of the preceding can be faithful allies to moisture and wood boring pests. Be Aware of ANY Areas Where Wood Can Come In Contact With The Ground!!!

Red Flag #8: Do the Ceilings Have Any Stains? As we pointed out before, freshly painted ceilings can be a hint to roof or A/C problems. But sometimes, the owner will not conceal the damage and the clue will be out in the open. Look for Moisture Stains on the Ceiling As Well As Interior Walls!!!

Red Flag #9: Is Wall Paper Peeling Away From Interior Walls? If wall paper is bubbling up or curling away from the wall at corners and edges, this could be signs of a moisture problem. Perhaps it could simply be the location and temperature of the room creating mild condensation. This could be a sign that the room is not properly insulated. Or Maybe Moisture is Sneaking in Somewhere!

Red Flag #10: Is the Exterior Siding Pulling Away From the Home? If exterior siding is pulling away from the home, it may have not been fastened properly or Moisture could be the culprit again causing wood to rot and decay, leaving a poor surface for the siding to be fastened to!!
Again, these are SOME of the clues behind finding the hidden defects in a home. The list goes on and on and gets very long and TECHNICAL. The key to a successful home purchase is to find out about any potential defects before it is too late.