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Banff Vacation Property

Banff Vacation Property

When it comes to a destination spot that offers breathtaking places to visit in Canada, nothing beats the beauty that is Banff in Alberta. The Banff National Park, the first national park established in Canada and is the third national park established in the world, is less than 100 miles west of Calgary and attracts more than five million tourists annually.

From panoramic vista views of glaciers, lush forests, diverse wildlife populations and access to Lake Louise, tourism from the park brings more than five billion dollars annually to the Canadian economy. The Canadian Rockies are part of the draw of the Banff area. From modern hotels to rustic cabin accommodations, there are many amenities along the banks of Lake Louise.

The weather
Because Banff is in northern Canada in a mountainous region, the weather may not be what you’re expecting when you travel. Alberta is relatively dry and even on the hottest summer days, the humidity is not oppressive. The rain or snow, when they hit the area, are rarely ever bad enough to interrupt travel. Sunscreen is recommended year round because of the sun that radiates off the snow on the mountains. July and August are the best months for travel if you’re looking for warm, summer days and nights; April, May, June and September bring warm, sunny days and cool nights; October and November bring with them cool days and frosty nights; December, January and February have typical winter temperatures and these months are when the snow fall is more prevalent; look for March to be the transition month from the cool winter days to the moderating summer temps.

Outdoor adventures
For those with a yearning for outdoor adventures, Banff offers myriad options from mountain biking to hiking, fishing, boating, rafting, rock climbing and, of course, skiing. Don’t forget that the upper hot spring spas in Banff are great places to take a dip in naturally heated water. Both Alpine and Nordic skiing treks are available for visitors to the area and there are slopes that cater to beginners up to advanced skiers.

For those who are just looking for a relaxing walking trek, Banff is also home to Sunshine Meadows – a flower-filled sanctuary. Banff is literally a few footsteps away from one type of panoramic vista to another – from the slow, rolling foothills to mountain climbing and glistening glaciers of the mountain.  You can also enjoy a guided gondola tour as a way to see the city which sits close to 7,500 feet above sea level.

Keep in mind that Banff is home to many native North American wildlife such as caribou, grizzly bears and wolves. For bird lovers, Banff is home to more than 280 species of birds ranging from bald and golden eagles to red-tailed hawks and falcons.

If you’re planning to travel to Banff in the months of spring to mid-fall, you will have access to the Columbia Icefield. This field of ice – which encompasses about 125 square miles – is estimated to reach depths of close to 1,300 miles. The Icefields straddle the Continental Divide and are responsible for supplying water to three major river systems and eventually flow into three different oceans.

Consider too, an evening icewalk and campfire trek around Lake Minnewanka, a snowshoeing adventure or an icewalk that takes to you the frozen waterfalls and rivers in the area.

Indoor attractions
Don’t think that you are excluded from visiting Banff if you’re not a skier or a hiker, it offers big-city amenities from national museums, historic sites and informational centers. There are also indoor waterslide facilities, movie theaters, a recreation center and bowling alleys.

Where to stay
Banff is home to 7,000 year-round residents and offers visitors a small-town friendly feeling. The area is easily accessible through high-speed roadways as well as by the Canadian Pacific Railroad system.

Whether you’re looking for a budget or a mid-range hotel, there are myriad options in the area. For those who are looking for a more “homey” vacation spot, there are condos, townhouses and cabins available for rent. It is easier to immerse yourself in the feeling of the area when you are in a condo or villa rather than in a cookie-cutter hotel. Additionally, when you opt for a condo or villa rental, you will likely take more time to go to local grocery markets and wander the streets in search of restaurants and other sites that may not make it to the travel brochures.

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