Houston Texas Investment Grade Residential Asset

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Note: Streetview imaging of the asset is provided as a courtesy to gauge the immediate neighborhood & property location. The streetview imaging is based on actual property address, however always rely on actual photos and property inspection. This property is currently in the final stages of rehab and tenant placement.  Actual photo’s being updated.  [iphorm_popup id=1 name=”Contact Form”]Questions about this property[/iphorm_popup]

Property Address: 8411 Battleoak Drive  Houston, Texas  77040                             Price: $95,040.00


Year of Construction: 1990                                                                                              Square Footage: 2,300


Monthly Rental Income: $1200                                                                                      Gross Annual Income:  $14,400


Net Operating Income: $8640   

NOI & CAP calculation’s based on 40% operating expense aggregate. ( actual’s below) Note: To customize you or your firms operating expense guidelines for future asset offerings please[iphorm_popup id=10 name=”Private Equity Acquisition Criteria”] Click Here to update market variables & assumptions[/iphorm_popup]

Cap Rate: 9.0%


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• Annual Taxes: $3,424.00 (successful local property tax firm has protest taxes Q1 of 2013)
• Annual Insurance: $1,000.00
• Management fee: 9%
• Annual HOA fees: $192.00
• The Property is currently being completely refurbished to a high standard
• Fully managed by Real Property Management, totally hands off investment
• One year rent guarantee and 12 month home warranty contract provided
• Seller pays title policy fee

Ongoing Annual Position Annual Monthly
Gross Income $14,400.00 $1,200.00
Management Fee (9%) $1,296.00 $108.00
Property Hazard Insurance $1,000.00 $83.33
Annual Property Taxes $3,424.00 $285.33
Home Owners Association $192.00 $16.00
Net Rental Income: $8,488.00 $707.34