Bulk Home Portfolios

by The Real Estate Buyers


The BuyersUtopia network is actively engaged in the acquisition and disposition of bulk portfolio’s of tenanted properties.

If you are a private equity firm, property management company or individual investor with a portfolio of properties please contact us.

Buyers we have select portfolios available for acquisition. Current Markets Tulsa, Oklahoma 14 Cap – Jacksonville, Florida 8.5 Cap – Houston Texas, 8.5 Cap – Indianpolis, IN 11 Cap. [iphorm_popup id=”10″ name=”Private Equity Acquisition Criteria”]Register to learn about opportunities[/iphorm_popup]

Buyers utilize the BuyersUtopia Investment Grade Residential platform for acquisition of portfolios because of our rigorous vetting process and elimination of Broker Chains. All opportunities are always direct with principal sellers. Sellers engage BuyersUtopia for disposition of portfolios because of performance & certainty of qualified buyers. Buyers will be asked to certify and guarantee the following items

  • Buyer, either as an individual or as an Entity, is an Accredited Investor as defined in Rule 501 of Regulation D of the U.S. Securities Act of 1933
  • Buyer currently possesses the required liquid cash funds in order to close, and is not going to raise funds from an outside 3rd party in order to consumate said Proposed Transaction
  • Buyer will deliver to Seller and Broker, at the time of PSA/LOI a valid Proof of Funds to close, that will be in the form of a Bank Statement(s), liquid investment funds statement, irrevocable letter of credit, or some other form/format that is acceptable to Seller and Broker
  • Buyer will not conduct, or attempt to conduct, a simultaneous “double escrow” transaction, in an attempt to “flip” the Asset(s) to another buyer during the period of the proposed transaction. After the close of the proposed transaction, Buyer is free to do so.