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As a loan officer you may have considered selling Real Estate on a limited basis to offer your select clients a value added service as well as an opportunity to earn extra commissions. Let’s face it; generating new purchase clients in the lending business is a very competitive undertaking and as the refinance markets slow it is even more important for you to focus on generating new purchase originations and maximizing your income. With the unavoidable increased competition for new purchase originations it makes a lot of sense to maximize your revenues, by also representing ( or referring) your clients as a Buyers Broker in their real estate purchase. Instead of only earning 1 to 2 points on the loan origination you can be earning an additional 1 to 2 Points on the same real estate transaction as well.

As a Mortgage professional you already have the skill set necessary to be successful in Real Estate sales. Click here to learn how to obtain your Illinois real estate license

Q – Do I have to quit my position with your current mortgage company?

A – No in fact we encourage you to keep your mortgage brokerage/origination position and simply supplement your income by working only with clients you want on the Real Estate side of the transaction.

Q – How much time will this take away from my schedule?

A – Ultimately that depends on how many clients you work with and the client, but most clients look at property early evenings and weekends which keeps your time free during business hours to focus on your mortgage business.

Q – What if I don’t have the time or don’t want to show properties, how can I benefit?

A – No Problem, simply refer your clients to our office and one of our full time real state professional’s will handle everything, and you will still earn a referral fee for simply passing along your clients name.

Q – How do I protect myself when originating a loan and representing the same client in the real estate purchase.

A – With a disclosure of your relationship as an independent contractor of Ideal Location, Inc. as well as disclosure of your affiliation with your current mortgage company. Everything is upfront.

New Agent Information

If you are a Chicago area loan officer or mortgage broker who would like to create ancillary revenue opportunities by having your real estate agent license contact Eli Scultz at 312.433.9300 x 12 or Dan Pfandler at 312.433.9300 x 18