House Buyers Want Off Market Single Family Homes

by The Real Estate Buyers

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Do you have a newer home that was constructed after 1990 and considering selling? Our network of individual investors and private equity buyers will make you an offer for your home. You can save time and money and your property can be closed in only 30 days. Newer homes are in high demand in zip codes across the country. Our investors will rehab the homes, make them rent ready and get them leased up to make the homes investor grade quality.

Investment Grade properties are homes for sale that can support good cash flows when managed as rentals. Don’t know if your property will support renters? [iphorm_popup id=”11″ name=”Single Family Home Buyers”]Contact Us[/iphorm_popup]

Price points of investment grade homes vary by market but typically prices must be supported by their gross revenues and net operating incomes. In the past single family homes have not been an asset class that has been targeted by institutions as investment grade. This has changed over the past few years as investors and private equity companies have been rapidly acquiring single family homes and creating income streams by converting and managing them as rentals. The intent of many of these institutional investors as well as many local investors is to target newer homes. The idea is simple newer homes typically have a lower capital expenditure dollar amount associated with them than their older counterparts.

This is not a hard nd fast rule but typically homes that fit into the investment grade residential box tend to be priced at, or above, the 15th percentile price point for all properties on the market. In other words, if there are 100 homes, condominiums, and townhouses on the market, ranked from least expensive to most expensive, then the price of the 15th house from the bottom will typically reflect the price point of where investment grade properties begin. This definition provides a reasonable benchmark of a starting point in many towns, but may not apply equally well across all metros.  On the high-end where the economics of investment grade properties tends to fade  is north of the 40th percentile as the price to rent ratio often doesn’t support positive cash flow for investors.

Do you have an off market property that you want to sell? Our network buys both properties with and without tenants, both rehabbed and in need of work.[iphorm_popup id=”11″ name=”Single Family Home Buyers”]Yes I have an off market property that I would like to get a cash offer on, Contact Me[/iphorm_popup]