Luke Bujarski

 Luke Bujarski has worked across international markets, supply chain consulting, regional economic development, community development, and education.  He has a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he worked as a researcher for distinguished faculty in the fields of regional science, cluster analysis and strategy, economic impact analysis, and global value chains research.  He founded regionalintel in 2007 after working for Intersources UK (now Hubwoo), a London-based management consulting firm specializing in strategic sourcing.  His main responsibility with Intersources was to advise global buyers on spend negotiation strategies across a supplier base spanning Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America.  Luke Bijarski is now a designated Global Value Chains Researcher with Duke University’s Center on Governance, Globalization, and Competitiveness, and is fluent in Spanish and Polish with a good command of Portuguese.  Based out of Chicago’s West Loop, Luke is actively involved in community and economic development projects in Chicago and elsewhere, focusing heavily on industry-centric strategies in healthcare, manufacturing, and green jobs.

Director Regional Intel:  regionalintel is an interactive group connected with and actively participating in the rapidly changing economic landscape.  Our office is centrally located in Chicago’s West Loop where we have access to both the economic development community and the business community at large.  We work in partnership with economic development groups, property developers, local business owners, educational institutions, industry associations, and other hardworking professionals.  Working at the ground level across multiple groups helps us to keep on top of the most recent innovations in workforce development, place-based marketing, government funding opportunities, public finance, and education.

Advisory Board Member Green Real Estate Partners: The Green Real Estate Partner Network  works with a national network of independent Green Real Estate professionals. An emphasis of the network is coordination with Economic Development Councils at the county and city level on green building and green retrofit incentives with the local community.