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Leverage Real Estate

By:  Skyler Moore

“He who holds the gold, makes the rules.”  Investors who have cash in today’s distressed real estate market have several avenues to make money, even in today’s real estate market.  Investors may choose to purchased distressed residential or commercial assets, passively loan money privately, place options on deals and more.  Using cash is the best way to obtain a deal, but once an investor controls a deal, should they leave all their cash in?
A common thread I see with cash investors is leaving all their money into the …

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Oak Park Real Estate Investment Property

Investment Opportunities in Oak Park Real Estate The old saw, “location, location, location” has kept Oak Park property values strong and stable, and with green concerns and energy costs, continues to provide a leading edge for this community that is centrally situated between urban downtown Chicago and the Far West suburbs. Vacancy rates in Oak Park investment property remain consistently low; interest in redevelopment remains high. Many opportunities exist in the multiple commercial and business districts as well as in the residential sectors.
Ideal Location Chicago Real Estate’s broker Eli Schultz, …