Self Storage Investments Continuing on a Worldwide Rise

by The Real Estate Buyers

Worldwide Self Storage Investments

Self Storage Continuing on a Worldwide Rise

In a day and age where people are learning to cut down on their belongings – surviving on the bare minimums (at least in theory of going green) – self storage has been able to grow at a skyrocketing rate. While homeowners and renters alike are looking for a way to harness fewer space-taking items, people, for the most part, can’t seem to let go of their things. Whether holding sentimental value, wow factor, or just an item one can’t seem to toss, people seem to accumulate goods, and keep them. However, luckily for all parties, there is an easy solution. People want to keep their things, and self storage facility owners want to house their things, a combination that has made for a continually thriving market.

But it’s not just the U.S. taking on this trend. Denmark, March of 2012, was home to 23 self storage facilities, according to an article from Extra Space Storage. The newest facility, now a mere month old, has seen steady progress and renting growth, said Allan Agerskov, the owning company, Pelican Self Storage’s COO. In fact, it’s so good that Pelican is already making plans to build another self storage facility in Denmark, which will be their fifth.

As for the rest of the world, a facility in Moscow, City Box, was full within six months of being built, said the article. South Africa is showing steady growth in its need for self storage facilities as well.

As the world’s storage facilities continues to expand, consumers everywhere can rest assured that there will be plenty of room for their belongings. Rather than having to say goodbye to a beloved item, thanks to this steady growth, it seems that no matter the country, there will always be enough space for self storage.