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10 Cap Investment Properties

…  Annual Operating Income of the Property was $50,000, then you would have a property with a CAP Rate of 10%. A 10% CAP rate is often referenced as a goal to shoot for.  In general, most areas of the country will have CAP rates in the range of 8-12% for cash flowing residential single family homes and commercial multi family apartment buildings.
The second type of return discussed with regards to income properties and the better way to evaluate potential investment properties is by calculating Return on Investment or ROI. …

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Retail Investment Property – Single Tenant Triple Net

…  of a so-called “power center,” or collection of big box retailers.  These tenants are typically very stable, with long-term lease commitments and strong financial profiles.  The only true downside for the investor will be a large property purchase price; however ROI on big box stores is typically very strong.
When the investor seeks a stable and well-producing type of triple net lease investment property, retail real estate should definitely be considered.  Tenant strengths and high return on investment make this property profile a highly desirable one.
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Commercial Real Estate Buyers of Investment Property

…  of over 2500 institutional and private commercial real estate buyers & investors. Our networks capacity to acquire income producing commercial property is very strong.  Currently our investor network varies in the types of properties sought, preferred investment size, geographical preference, minimum square footage and minimum number of units.  Any income producing asset can be sold to one of our institutions our private investors quickly, so long as it is meets the investors minimum return on investment criteria and we are able to submit a complete due diligence package.
What Type of Properties is your …

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Triple Net Lease Investment Property: An Introduction

…  market fluctuations. As the economy cycles through periods of ups and downs, specific industries and investment types also experience good and bad times. The smart investor knows that the best place to put your money is in investment vehicles that have the best potential to endure through the down times. Triple net properties provide one of the strongest and most stable ways to defy those fluctuations. The specific benefits include high potential for stability, flexibility, and excellent return on investment, as long as the investment and lease arrangements are …

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Triple Net Lease Credit Ratings

…  Net Lease Credit Ratings
by: Robert Stec
Many investors are pursuing commercial real estate investment opportunities today, particularly the attractive triple net lease properties. These investment vehicles offer an attractive alternative to other types of investments, because the return on investment is typically strong with a minimum amount of risk, especially when compared to other types of real estate investing. The key to a good triple net lease arrangement is having the best possible tenant in place, for the longest lease term possible. To accomplish this, the investor must conduct …

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Commercial vs Residential Real Estate Investment

…  explore the potential of the commercial investment market as well.
The advantages of residential real estate investment include a typically lower initial outlay of funds and financing is typically easier (and cheaper) to obtain.  The disadvantages, however, may be significant.  Managing residential real estate tenants is usually both time consuming and riddled with issues of liability.  The resulting cash flow is rarely worth the effort required.  There are investors who make a reasonable return on investment with large portfolios of residential rental properties, however this is a highly specialized market …

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Triple Net Lease Investment Property Exchange

…  today’s fluctuating economy, investors are in search of ways to increase their return on investment (ROI) while lessening their income tax burden.  Commercial real estate represents one of the best investment opportunities today, particularly those properties with long-term triple net leases in place.  If the investor can purchase these properties using the 1031 tax-deferred exchange program, the investment potential becomes even more attractive.
The 1031 exchange program, provided for in the U.S. tax code, allows for the sale and purchase of like-kind properties with a …

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Triple Net Lease Investment Benefits

…  etc.  The tenant basically takes control of the building, alleviating virtually all of the investor’s day-to-day responsibilities.
The triple net lease investment property offers the investor a reliable, reputable, long-term tenant with little or no management responsibility.  With this level of stability and cash flow, it’s easy to see why triple net leases are so attractive to investors.
Another significant benefit of investing in triple net leased commercial property is the return on investment (ROI).  This type of investment typically yields a higher return than any other type of real estate …

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Des Moines Investment Property Staging

…  Moines Iowa Property Staging Expert
“Homeowners are seeing the advantages of staging a home professionally to get the edge they need in this tough real estate market” says Linda.  Professional real estate development companies have utilized staging homes for decades, but has been neglected by smaller property owners, due to the cost and ease of selling a home without the benefit of staging.  Times have changed with the bursting of the housing bubble, which has increased the return on investment for homeowners who choose to stage their properties.  
Last year, …

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Denver Private Money for Rehabs

…  of their experience, or business proposal.
Without a proven track record, it does not make sense for a private lender to fund a group, because there are so many experienced investors seeking additional capital.  Private money sources are a passive investor that seeks a double digit return on their money.  Every deal is different and private money lenders understand this.
Depending on the private money source, the return may be a small percentage up front (1%-3%) with a 15% annualized return on investment.  Lets break those numbers down.  Lets assume that a real …