Du Page County Apartment Building Loans

by The Real Estate Buyers


Du Page County real estate investors can now take advantage of apartment building loans in the $750,000 – $5,000,000 range.  These “small balance” properties and their owners are able to take advantage of Wall street CMBS loans previously only available to properties and syndications in the $10,000,000 + range.  The small balance multi family program specifically supports apartment building owners and buyers looking for cost effective institutional quality commercial loans.

The Du Page county investment loan program offers non-recourse financing, limited documentation, waived lender origination fees, fully assumable loans, 30-year fully amortizating schedule, leading rates, and long-term financing that commercial banks cannot offer.

If you are an apartment building owner now is the time to refinance your property. Take advantage of historic low rates and non recourse and assumable products better positioning your property for short term cash flow and long term exit strategies.

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Du Page county investors can also receive updates of the latest multi family apartment buildings.  The Buyers Utopia team is here to help from funding to closing !

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