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Chicago Residential Investors Target Newer Homes

…  Chicago’s housing stock is often up to 100 years old, many real estate investors are focussing on houses less than a quarter century old. Newer homes,  less than 25 years old built after 1990 are in high demand if it is investor grade.Investment Grade properties are homes for sale that can support good cash flows when managed as rentals. Prices supported by their gross revenues and net operating incomes. Typically single family homes have not been an asset class that has been targeted by institutions as investment grade. This is rapidly changing …

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Relative Risk Index Identifies the Ideal Location for Residential Rental Property

…  the vetting of a potential residential rental investment opportunity.
The idea is to better gauge a properties location based risk on the most micro level. For instance an address that shows an unusual ratio of non owner occupied vs owner occupied properties could effect long term rent and sale ability. Savvy investors are aware of these risk variables and adjust their investment strategy upfront in order to best mitigate their risks. Historically data and reports have been available for real estate investors on an MSA & City level or on a zip code level, but …

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Corporate Tenant Ratings

…  Real Estate Investors continue to be attracted to the long term stability being offered by having corporate tenants in their investment properties.  Corporate tenant income properties have always been a favorite of institutions but now we are seeing more and more regular  investors moving out of residential and multi family properties and into single tenant commercial properties with corporate tenants.
With leases ranging from 5 years to 20 years on investment grade tenants offer investors the long term security they desire.  One of the big benefits of these long term …

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How to Use a Self Directed IRA for Real Estate Investment

…  real estate investors are learning how to use a Self Directed Individual Retirement Account for acquisition of investment property and it is proving to be a sound strategy for a number of reasons.
One of the primary motives coming out of the worst economic crisis in our lifetimes is simply control. Large numbers of investors are simply committed to taking control of their own retirement future by setting up a Self-Directed IRA plan. The other motive is simply return’s, when an …

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Atlanta Investment Property Market

…  no longer afford, they can start rebuilding their credit for future purchases.
Area Real Estate Forecast
The current real estate forecast looks promising. Current condominium and home sales will likely remain slow in several areas, for a while, even with historically low home finance rates. However, the market is indicating that overall real estate sales are trending in a positive direction — even though Atlanta housing prices are predicted to decline slightly.
Tip for Atlanta Investors
Real estate investors looking to make strides in the Atlanta housing market should focus on adding only properties …

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Real Estate Cycles

…  Real Estate Markets
You have to be able to understand U.S Home Real Estate Cycles in order to decide where and when to get into your real estate investments. All real estate markets are not created equal. Many local markets are struggling with recovery while others are seeing strong demand and appreciation. Pick the winners and losers Learn More!
Focus on U.S. Income Property
If one’s focus in on appreciation than timing markets is absolutely essential. The tried and true method of real estate investors focussing only on positive cash flow properties is the method …

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Tulsa Investment Property

…  lending practices. Overall, most of the state is stabilizing and headed for growth.
Tulsa Market at a Glance
Home sales are expected to rise in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and its surrounding areas. This projected increase is due, in great part, to the influx of newcomers seeking jobs in the area. This year, experts predict home prices will rise 4.3 percent, on average, in the city. Tight home inventory is having a positive effect on home values, which should sustain the market the last half of 2012 as real estate investors purchase homes …

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How to Predict Best Real Estate Investment Markets

…  in the 1980s and 1990s.
Do you remember studying history in jr high and high school? If so you may remember your teacher explaining that history was so important to study, because it repeats itself and having knowledge of history is one of the only ways to prevent it from happening again.
Unfortunately with reagrad to the economy we seem to forget this point and every 10 to 20 years and sometime in the future we will have another recession however deep or shallow it may run.
So how can real estate investors try and prevent …

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Du Page County Apartment Building Loans

…  Page County real estate investors can now take advantage of apartment building loans in the $750,000 – $5,000,000 range.  These “small balance” properties and their owners are able to take advantage of Wall street CMBS loans previously only available to properties and syndications in the $10,000,000 + range.  The small balance multi family program specifically supports apartment building owners and buyers looking for cost effective institutional quality commercial loans.
The Du Page …

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Foreign Buyers U.S. Property Investment Growing

…  of China, Britain, Canada, India and Mexico. Purchasers from these five countries are credited with fifty-five percent of all real estate sales in the nation from global clients.
The states of Texas and Arizona are hotspots for foreign buyers.  Also, the sunny states of Florida and California are equally appealing. Combined, Texas, Arizona, Florida and California hold fifty-one percent of all housing purchased by foreign real estate clients.
Strategic Geographic Selections by Foreign Real Estate Investors
A closer examination of the data compiled in the National Association of REALTORS®‘ Profile of International Home …