On Sale: Foreign Investors Snap Up US Real Estate

by The Real Estate Buyers


On Sale: Foreign Investors Snap Up US Real Estate
To them, U.S. real estate is a bargain and a safe way to diversify their portfolios. And their cash buying is boosting U.S. property sales and competition. "Many foreign buyers now see luxury U.S. real estate as a store of value," said Dolly Lenz, CEO …
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Home builders to woo entry-level buyers: Pro
As home builders try to gain more business, more will be going after the entry-level buyer, real estate expert Bradley Hunter told CNBC Wednesday. "It's been hard to do up until now because the builders are saying 'the profit margins are so good in …
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Buyers Looking for Luxury See Surge in Listings
As we head into fall, more homes are hitting the market in key suburbs across Greater Boston. Just ask Rob Braunstein. Braunstein, who is in automotive sales, wants to trade in his Needham condo for another house in town, a spacious split level with a …
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How JP Real Estate Has Changed in the Last 15 Years
I recently shared some time with him discussing this key Boston market, a market that typically offers more bang for the buck than many other nearby neighborhoods and a market which attracts very loyal buyers. Could you describe the current JP real …
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