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We are sorry to say we will close down at the end of January of 2013. We thought that being free (subsidized by my own personal funds and Global Cloud our host for a few decades) we could build up a following and slowly improve the site. We also generated career resource books that we hoped would serve the industry, on commercial real estate career guides. But the web sites that charged fees resulted in many non-profit organizations dropping our link in favor of job sites that charged fees and gave kick back fees to the non-profits. This spelled our doom since our traffic slowed tremendously and we have been less effective as a result. We know we have had some success and some job placements and we appreciate all the wonderful notes over the years, but it is now time to say goodbye.

If you want to know more about the people who have tried to serve you for free with no catches or promos, consider looking at my web site at where you will find research and some lectures. I will add to it soon.

If you wish to explore graduate level education in real estate consider checking us out at

If you feel you want to help our goals of helping people discover career paths in the real estate industry consider ordering a book such as out career guide at, found here:


Thanks for your support and notes over the years.

Norm Miller
University of San Diego
Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate

Resumes and Jobs for the Commercial Real Estate Industry


Real-jobs has been designed to help support real estate students by allowing potential employers to search by University name. It is important to select your university name when you register so that this criteria can be used in the search process.  The more students listed from a university the better the site will work in attracting the attention of employers. So please encourage your classmates to list their resumes and do this significantly before you expect to graduate. You might also help drive traffic to this site by telling your faculty to consider listing it on their personal web sites as a student resource and also on your department or center web sites. Promoting the site in your newsletters is also appreciated as this is a free student site and we depend on word of mouth and print to help make it work for everyone. It can save your student organizations a lot of money by eliminating the need for expensive hard copy resume books and steering people to this site which can be updated in real time making it more useful then hard copy resume books.

REAL-JOBS was initially developed to support university student placement from the major real estate programs across the USA. However, it quickly became apparent thatREAL-JOBS could also provide an efficient service for alumni, professionals and trade associations. In 2001, Real-Jobs added the list of major universities that have four-year degree real estate programs or graduate programs.

REAL-JOBS was designed by Dr. Norm Miller at the University of Cincinnati with assistance from Global Cloud, Limited.

REAL-JOBS is uniquely designed to serve real estate professionals and businesses who require searches for jobs or employees. REAL-JOBS focuses on general skills, (i.e., sales management, sales and communication) and also allows the user to discuss selected experiences or unique skills.

Placement Services will also benefit by using REAL-JOBS to conduct confidential employee profile listings of potential candidates seeking professional advancement.

REAL-JOBS offers several key benefits to job hunters, prospective employers, and professional placement services.

Benefits of becoming a REAL-JOBS Member

For Job Posters:

  • Post multiple job openings.
  • Search Real-Jobs databases of Resumes & Job Openings by simple or advanced search criteria.
  • View how many people have reviewed your job postings.
  • Be alerted via e-mail to any new resume postings within your specified area.

For Resume Posters:

  • Post multiple job openings.

REAL-JOBS does not warrant the content of the database as it is provided by users of the service.

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