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Best Deals on Vacation Rental Properties

…  rate, be polite. Vacation Home Owners will be much more accommodating to people that have a pleasing personality.  Offer the property owner a compliment first, ” your place looks great”. Tell them your story next, “our family will be in your area” then ask for something specific ” I see your rate is $250 per night would you possibly consider $200 per night?  The bottom line is if you don’t ask you will not receive. Our network has thousands of Vacation Property Owners you can talk to direct , just enter where …

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Best Deals on Outdoor Gear Coupon Codes

…  BuyersUtopia network  is continually getting the best deals on outdoor gear. REI Coupon Codes, Moosejaw Coupon Codes, Denali Coupon Codes, Hotels.com Coupon Codes. Now you can access the same top savings as our nationwide network of vacation property owners. Outdoor gear coupon codes will give you additional savings on name brand goods from our top retail partners. Get the best gear at the best prices with our outdoor gear deal and coupon codes. If you are need gear because you are planning a trip Visit our network of Mountain Town Vacation Homes and live like …

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Corporate Tenant Ratings

…  properties.  Corporate tenant income properties have always been a favorite of institutions but now we are seeing more and more regular  investors moving out of residential and multi family properties and into single tenant commercial properties with corporate tenants.
With leases ranging from 5 years to 20 years on investment grade tenants offer investors the long term security they desire.  One of the big benefits of these long term triple net lease is that the Tenant and not the property owners are responsible for things like property reapirs and property taxes.  With …

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Self Storage Facilities Best U.S. Real Estate Sector

When it comes to owning property, there are a number of avenues that one can take. But, despite all of the available options, one seems to stand above the rest – self storage facilities. Because of their low maintenance costs (no carpets, no toilets, low capitol rates, etc.) and ability to bring in high returns, self storage facilities have continued to grow into the best form of real estate investments over the last decade, according to studies by Bloomberg. Self storage companies, located all over the country and the world, …

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Decreasing Self Storage Property Taxes: An Increase in Profit

…  are now at 9 percent for most self storage facilities, but profit margins have decreased, while expenses have failed to decrease. What that means is you’re paying higher taxes while bringing in less money – cutting into your profits twice.
However, the downside here is that when your property tax valuation lowers, although cutting down what you owe, it will increase what the facility is worth. It’s important to sit down and hash out the numbers before changing your tax bill. But for many property owners, they’ll find that cutting …

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Self Storage Investment Property Loans

…  the struggles the U.S. economy has seen, the self storage industry has been one of the few markets to continue to prosper. While profits have been no where near their potential, self storage owners have yet to be hit as hard as other property owners. However, with some recent improvements in the lending industry, self storage should be looking to take another turn for the best. The FDIC is closing in on its list of failing banks, meaning those that are still standing are beginning to thrive. Another driving …

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How Cost Segregation Are Beneficial to Self Storage Owners

…  act of cost segregation – separating business and personal assets for the purpose of income taxes – has been in practice for decades, since 1954 to be exact. The government put this act into place to allow property owners a more accurate way of reporting their incomes. However, recent events and complains have caused these practices to take a significant jump as of late – changes that work toward the benefit of self storage facility owners.
In 1997, according to an article from SegregationHolding.com, the Hospital Corporation of America sued …

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Investment Property Broker

…  both a local and national approach, and as importantly a financial knowledge, skill, and experience. It also requires a targeted marketing expertise to be most successful. Having the right Investment Property Broker to work with you and your team is critical.
You need to ensure that your investment property receives maximum exposure inorder for you receive the maximum value for your investment property.
BuyersUtopia.com and Ideal Location, Inc represent multi family, retail, and net lease property owners and developers to place real estate into the commercial investment market. We can deliver …

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Investment Property Blast

…  you are a property owner or real estate promoter looking for effective exposure for your real estate investment property to a community of real estate professionals an investment property blast is an effective solution.  It is with out question an easy an affordable way to make  a property owners or brokers phone ring.
A nation wide investment property blast to a network of over 90,000  real estate investment professionals starts at $149-$249
Our list currently has over 90,000 active commercial investment property brokers and it is updated daily.  Our list currently …

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Vacation Rental Home Investment Property

…  maintaining and promoting your property.
If you’re considering buying and renting out a second home, you need to be ready to do the research.  You’ll need to have solid estimates of how many weeks the property is likely to be rented and all your monthly costs including, but not limited to, mortgage, insurance, property and sales taxes, promotional costs, maintenance, repairs and cleaning. You will need to talk with a number of real estate brokers, property managers and other property owners in the area about their experience with rentals so …