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…  Property Deals Surge as Rising Rents Lure Buyers
Real estate investment in Japan rose 70 percent to 4.6 trillion yen ($ 44 billion), the highest level since March 2008, in the 12 months ended in March from a year earlier, according to a report published in July by Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management …
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Buying A Home: It's NOT In The Details
Network Real Estate's agents are trained to find you the home that best fits your needs. But keep in mind that no house is perfect. There …

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Predictive Residential Investment Property Analytics

…  Technology Transforming the Residential Real Estate Investment Industry
Predictive analytics is about to transform the residential real estate investment property industry  Predictive analytics can help investors understand the proverbial question, ” How good is the area?”  and in turn better manage risk.
Over the past few years as Wall Street hedge funds have aggressively moved in to single family homes as an alternate asset class many of these investment funds have been creating their own models for determining the risk associated with a particular property.
Today, predictive analytics is beginning to …

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Commercial Master Lease Option Methods For Acquiring or Flipping Real Estate Investment Properties

…  Lease Options are one of the best ways for acquiring Commercial Real Estate Investment Properties with little to no money down! Even better, you can really mitigate the risk of your investment since you are ultimately committing to very little with the seller!
In 2013 there is really only one way to profit in Commercial real estate with out cash, credit, experience or risk. That is being able to master Commercial Master Lease Options techniques. Here’s how a Commercial Master Lease Option works:
First you identify an owner of an underperforming …

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2013 Real Estate Trends Residential Rental Property in Demand by Wall Street & Main Street

…  most significant real estate investment trends of 2013  will be the tremendous amount of institutional capital that will continue to be directed into single-family residential rentals.
The single-family rental market has always existed with some 12 million homes for rent but there never has been this much interest and capital moving into a national institutionally-managed, single-family rentals.  It has been estimated that private-equity firms and other institutional investors have raised $6 billion to $8 …  more compelling opportunity to invest.  The investment activity over the past 24 months is simply part of a  larger …

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REO To Rental Market Emerging As Institutional Asset Class

…  larger-scale investments in the space. Private Equity and Institutional investors interested in acquiring bank-owned properties are currently flooding the market throughout the country and had been estimated they have raised anywhere from $6 to $8 billion.
The private-equity firms entering the residential space are spending hundreds of millions buying foreclosed single-family houses with the intention of renting them out. The goal is to acquire enough assets to potentially take public as a real estate investment trust, or sell to another company or even to tenants.
This is a brand new asset class for institutions …

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Residential Rental Property Markets Providing Investors Solid Returns

Research studies indicate that real estate owned properties have a rental market that will easily reach $100 billion this year (2012). The biggest beneficiaries will be single-family REO investors in the Midwest and Florida.
Research findings from CoreLogic show that the rental market for single family rentals are very strong and vibrant. This is because the market is characterised by stable rental income, high closing pace and low monthly supply of rental houses. The sector is among the few in the housing market that provides investors with returns that are higher …

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Dollar General Investment Property Offers Real Estate Investors Good Returns

…  $2.91 billion. Dollar General also reported an 8.6% jump in same-store sales
Price: $500,000 – $2,000,000
CAP: 7.5%-9.0%
Family Dollar Investment Properties
Multiple Corporate Locations Available!
Brand New 10 Year NN Corporate Family Dollar’s with 5×5 year options and rent increases. (NYSE: FDO). Family Dollar is a recession-proof company that has been in business for over 45 years.  As a corporation, they have no long-term debt on their balance sheet. This fundamentally sound real estate investment has an income stream secured by a corporate guarantee from a tenant with a net worth of over $1.3 billion and approximately …

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How to Use a Self Directed IRA for Real Estate Investment

…  which in turn can accelerate the value of the IRA.
In 2012 opportunities to purchase real estate at extremely low prices in both residential and commercial real estate are extraordinary. Residential rents are stabilizing and will begin to rise as supply is absorbed. So, NOW is an opportune time to buy income-producing real estate, and a Real Estate IRA or Solo 401(k) is a great way to finance the purchase and build long-term wealth.
One of the main reason investors choose to put their real estate investment properties into self directed …

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Real Estate Cycles

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Uncover Appreciating Real Estate Markets
You have to be able to understand U.S Home Real Estate Cycles in order to decide where and when to get into your real estate investments. All real estate markets are not created equal. Many local markets are struggling with recovery while others are seeing strong demand and appreciation. Pick the winners and losers Learn More!
Focus on U.S. Income Property
If one’s focus in on appreciation …

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How to Predict Best Real Estate Investment Markets

It’s no secret that the housing market is still struggling in the US.  Everyday you hear attempts to call market bottoms and that now is the best time ever to buy real estate.  On some level the media treats this housing crisis like something that has never happened before, which is simply not true.
If you look back on a 35 year inflation adjusted housing appreciation chart for the entire US, you’ll see that once again, history has repeated itself. True, this time the housing market experienced a longer and higher …