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  • Relative Risk Index Identifies the Ideal Location for Residential Rental Property

    by The Real Estate Buyers


    Investors are pinpointing the ideal locations for their residential rental property investments by looking at detailed historical data as it relates to certain common risk factors that could effect a rental properties long term performance. This underwriting practice utilizes a Relative Risk Index to vet and underwrite residential income property deals. This preliminary residential rental property underwriting technique…

  • 2013 Real Estate Trends Residential Rental Property in Demand by Wall Street & Main Street

    by The Real Estate Buyers

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    The most significant real estate investment trends of 2013  will be the tremendous amount of institutional capital that will continue to be directed into single-family residential rentals. The single-family rental market has always existed with some 12 million homes for rent but there never has been this much interest and capital moving into a national…