Best Deals on Vacation Rental Properties

Ok so your going on trip and want to get the best deal. 1st step is to eliminate a hotel and find a vacation home. If your dealing direct with an owner and not a property manager you have much better chance to negotiate a lower nightly rate.  Want a tip to get a lower rate, be polite. Vacation Home Owners will be much more accommodating to people that have a pleasing personality.  Offer the property owner a compliment first, ” your place looks great”. Tell them your story next, “our family will be in your area” then ask for something specific ” I see your rate is $250 per night would you possibly consider $200 per night?  The bottom line is if you don’t ask you will not receive. Our network has thousands of Vacation you can talk to direct , just enter where you are going in the search box below find a property you like and Ask. This is how you can get the best deals on vacation rental properties anywhere!

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