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by The Real Estate Buyers


If you read ” How to Predict the Best Real Estate Markets” then you probably have a big question.  How and where did this technical analysis for evaluating real estate markets come from and how can it really be used to predict market cycles?

Well, the founder of this specific real estate market prediction system is Ken WadeKen Wade is both a CPA and Harvard MBA graduate.  Ken has been a real estate investor, developer and entrepreneur for over 3 decades, who has spent most of  his life developing and perfecting this system.

Ken first learned about technical analysis while attending Harvard Business School.  Technical analysis itself is not secret.  In fact, if you research it, you’ll find thousands of things about it.  What Ken brought to the system was the detailed data on housing that is needed to make technical analysis accurate and possible.

Before Ken Wade’s big discovery, he tried for years to figure out why he would make a killing in some markets and barely break even in other markets using the same investing system and tactics.  He tried just about every technique you can think of analyzing market fundamentals such as employment and population growth, but non of them worked.  Nothing he could find would accurately produce market history.

Then partly due to improvement in technology and access to that technology, Ken found real, reliable and accurate Government housing data that would allow technical analysis to work and truly see what was happening in nearly 400 US real estate markets.

Real Estate Investors who would like a heads up of when to get in and when to get out of real estate markets can learn the Ken Wade Real Estate system first hand.  Ken Wade’s system will give you an edge over your competition by know where a market is currently at in it’s cycle and where it will likely be heading in the future. Click Here to Watch the Video

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