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Private Money for Arizona Investment Property

…  find their deal swept from beneath their feet.
Working with a professional source and using the proper contracts to protect themselves will allow borrowers to source money for deals that make sense, but are lacking the cash needed to successfully close.
To learn more about private lending opportunities in the Arizona market, or inquire about potential capital for your opportunity, contact us today.
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Denver Real Estate Investment Partnerships

…  most cases thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars has been used to  improve the property.  It may take more time than expected, but a handsome profit is likely waiting at the sale of the property for the lender.
There are a lot of angles a cash investor can pursue in a distressed market like we are currently in.  The big factor to consider is how much time, knowledge and work does a cash investor want to spend in order to make their desired return.
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Denver Area Income Property For Sale

…  Skyler Moore

The Denver real estate market has started to slowly show signs of life compared to extreme bubble markets such as Phoenix, Las Vegas or Florida.  Price to rent ratios and price per square foot on distressed properties are starting to make sense and cash on cash returns are often in the low double digits.  Knowing how to conduct the proper due diligence on a property is an important part of real estate investing, as is finding the best area where income property is for sale.
There are several …  in areas …

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Buying Income Property In Denver

…  Skyler Moore
How would you like to walk to the mailbox and collect a check every month from real estate that you owned? Depending on the type of property and financial position, it could be a few hundred dollars, to thousands of dollars per month. The Denver real estate market has begun a slow recovery since the decline in housing values that started in mid 2000 for the Denver metro area. The Notice of Election in Demand (NED) list has shown signs of improvement of the past few years.
The NED …

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Denver Private Money for Rehabs

…   Skyler Moore

The price correction in the Denver real estate market has created a lucrative investment property opportunity for real estate investors.  Properties can be acquired at distressed prices through public trustee sales, short sales, or directly through asset managers at banks.  Often, the acquisition price is below replacement costs to build the property.
Seasoned and new real estate investors have been flocking to public trustee sales to learn more about the process and the opportunity at hand.  What most investors …  (wealth individuals may also place money with private money lenders or brokers). …

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Southwest Florida Investment Property

…  practice complex was selling condos at the peak for $225,000 for a 3 bedroom in a condo conversion.  These were average units with white appliances and cabinets, carpet and laminate in the bathroom.  They needed about $10,000 – $20,000 of upgrades in my opinion.  These same condos today have been selling at short sales for $40,000 to $50,000.
In Denver, I fix and flip distressed properties, so it was natural for me to explore the foreclosure process here in Lee County, Florida.  The Denver real estate  market, which is a …

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Private Money Investment

…  how to get into the private lending game simply contact us for a free report. We will included detailed insights such as underwriting tips as well as how to use a self directed IRA for maximum ROI.
If you are not looking to become a private money lender but instead need access to private money you may also contact us and we can direct you within our Buyers Utopia local private money networks.
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Denver Investment Property Loans

…  fully gauge the quality and ability to fund a deal.
The Buyers Utopia Denver network is comprised of team members that not only understand the investor mortgage market, but also understand the current market conditions and potential of investment deals.  If you are seeking an investment loan, or investment loan advice, contact us today.

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Private Money for Denver Real Estate Investment

…  estate correction in the Denver market has presented ample opportunity for small residential investors, to large commercial investors and developers seeking distressed prices on qualified assets.
The common denominators in successfully closing distressed opportunities are relationships and capital.  Without access to capital and seasoned relationships to access distressed opportunities, obtaining profitable assets is very difficult.  Private money lenders are a key component in not only the Denver real estate investment market, but all across the country.
Private money lenders are able to offer the capital necessary to fund opportunities, as well …

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Best Areas For Denver Investment Property

…  Moore
The Denver real estate market has several attractive areas for investment property depending on an investor’s preferences.  The Denver metro area has several trendy neighborhoods going through drastic transformations.  The highlands area for example has 100 year old properties undergoing major renovations.  In some cases properties are torn down to accommodate new modern buildings and town home developments.  This is also happening in areas like Sloan’s lake that use to be …  views of growth.  For investors who feel there is a growing population that would like to live in …