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Airbnb Investment Property: Should You Buy an Airbnb in 2023?

Airbnb Investment Property Buyers Trend Grows

Many people have wondered about Airbnb. They offer a different way to travel. People can stay in a home that someone else owns. It’s an exciting idea, and it has become trendy. 

Some people have decided to become Airbnb hosts to make some extra money. This can be a good idea, but knowing what you are getting into is essential. This article will explore the advantages and disadvantages of becoming an Airbnb host. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Airbnb and How Does It Work

Airbnb …

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Doctor Loan Program Providing 100% Financing

Doctors Loan Program
Buyers Utopia is aware of the unique monetary and time management challenges of medical practitioners today. The Doctor Loan Program provides new and proven physicians with strategic benefits and easy solutions to meet needs related to home financing.
New Doctors, Fellows, and Residents.  The program benefits new physicians, as well as residents and fellows, in the following positions and/or scenarios:
those currently in residency;
professionals slated to start new residency within a ninety day period of their closing date;
professionals on track to complete medical fellowship/residency and are under contract to work …

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Equity Based Crowd Funding

On April 5, 2012, President Obama officially sealed the JOBS Act. His signature on this new legislation marks a new beginning for the securities regulation industry. Specifically, it softens restrictions and lowers hurdles for small businesses to raise funds, primarily through equity based crowdfunding (alternately “equity based crowd funding”). This is a procedure which consists of combining individual investments of smaller sizes to meet bigger financial goals for smaller enterprises.
America has 6 million formal, small businesses in existence today. Most of these companies are not positioned to take advantage of angel …

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Single Tenant Development Equity Partners For Triple Net Lease Deals

Development of net lease properties may still be down from its peak of a few years ago, but it is coming back as retailers start to expand again.  The economy is at a point right now where corporate clients are looking to start growing again and are looking at new sites for expansion. This trend offers an opportunity for real estate developers who focus on single tenant development.
The most active retailers are Family Dollar and Dollar General, which are expected to build a combined 1,000 stores this year. Other retailers …

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Apartment Building Refinance

An Apartment Building Refinance can not only increase your cash flow in the short run with today’s favorable rates, but also if done correctly help with your future exit strategy.   Apartment Building Owners can today get Non Recourse Loans that are also assumable in the future.
Eligible Properties: Existing multifamily structures that are at least 3 years old, with market rate, moderate income or subsidized rents.
Commercial Space:  Limited to 20% of net rentable area and 20% of effective gross income
Borrower:  Single asset, special purpose entity, either for profit or non-profit
Loan Amount:  …

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Private Money for Arizona Investment Property

The real estate correction in the Arizona investment property market has presented many opportunities for small residential investors, to large commercial investors and developers seeking distressed prices on qualified assets.
The common denominators in successfully closing distressed opportunities are relationships and having access to capital.  Without access to capital and quality relationships to access distressed opportunities, obtaining profitable assets is very difficult.  Private money lenders are a key component in not only the Arizona real estate investment property market, but all across the country.
Private money lenders are able to offer the capital necessary to fund opportunities, …

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Private Money or Hard Money for Real Estate Investment

It’s easy to confuse private money with hard money for real estate investment purposes, but the truth is they are quite different. There are points however where they are similar though, for instance, it is possible for hard money to originate from a private individual same as private money. This article deals with the differences of the two, though. Let’s start.
Hard money requires points paid immediately on securing the loan. It has high interest rates, is low loan to value, and it draws for any repairs. Hard money is not …

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Chicago First Time Buyers Down Payment Assistance for 2-4 flats

Household grants from $10,000 to $40,000 Available from City for First-time purchasers of  owner-occupied Two-Four Unit Buildings. The City of Chicago has an unusual amount of two and four-unit owner-occupied buildings in the many interesting, livable neighborhoods that offer parks, recreation, ethnic restaurants, and a sense of local community.  Owning a two to four-unit building provides additional income, and allows for future extended family living.
There are many options in the new grant programs. Home purchase assistance is available, reducing down payment and closing costs for first-time buyers who are purchasing …

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Private Lender Investment Property Loans


Private lenders and hard money lenders have fueled our economy while conventional banks still continue to stay on the sidelines for investment property loans. What has become evident is that there is so much demand in the market for private money that it’ a great window of opportunity for investors to particpate and earn high returns.
Investors must be smart in their anaylsis of deals however, for many investors and borrowers the age old adage that real estate values always go up is not necessarily true. While real estate has been …

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Loans for Multiple Investment Properties

Multiple Investment Property Loans
The housing bubble and subsequent credit crunch has made underwriters ultra conservative in how they evaluate residential investment property loans.
Are you a borrower that wants to refinance or purchase, but is having trouble because you already have 4 financed properties? If this describes you then take comfort in our new mortgage that allows for up to 10 financed properties. This mortgage will allow for purchase and/or refinancing. Take a look at some key information on this new program:
Financing w/ Multiple (4+) Properties
* Eligible Properties- 1 to 4 …