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Green Real Estate Rebates Increase Returns on Property Investment

…  from all Federal Agencies. It is a central storehouse for information on over 1,000 grant programs and provides access to approximately $500 billion in annual awards. www.grants.gov
Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) is a membership association of local governments committed to advancing climate protection and sustainable development. Find the latest funding opportunities offered by local governments. http://www.icleiusa.org/action-center/financing-staffing
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Telluride Vacation Property

…  every room, jet tubs, you will feel like you have died and gone to heaven. The prices on the luxury chalets can range anywhere from $2000 to $6000 per night, but will most definitely be unforgettable. If you want to get the best pricing on for your Telluride Vacation Adventure call our Mountain Reservation specialist at 877-366-0038 and you will get options from affordable Telluride Condo’s to Luxury Telluride Chalets.
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Triple Net Lease Investment Property: An Introduction

…  Net Lease Investment Property: An Introduction
In today’s topsy-turvy economy, wise investors are seeking new and better ways to protect their investment dollars and grow their personal wealth. The very nature of the market cycle has real estate at the forefront of many investors’ minds. Although most types of real estate are an attractive investment today, commercial properties – especially those with triple net leases in place – provide a highly superior investment vehicle. Let’s talk about what triple net lease investment properties are all about, and how they can help you …

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Triple Net Lease Credit Ratings

…  S&P A+, Moody’s Aa3 Walgreens: S&P A, Moody’s A2 Home Depot: S&P BBB+, Moody’s Baa1 CVS/Caremark: S&P BBB+, Moody’s Baa2 Ford: S&P BB-, Moody’s Ba2 Ace Hardware: S&P BB-, Moody’s Ba3 Arby’s: S&P B+, Moody’s No Rating BevMo!: S&P B-, Moody’s Caa1
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Triple Net Lease Tenants

…  more than 500 stores, serve a substantial market share, and are usually nationwide in presence.  These tenants are well-known and have provided a familiar product or service for many years, through a variety of economic conditions.
Which tenant profile an investor chooses to pursue depends on many factors, including market conditions, investment strategy, risk profiles, and financial capacity.  Typically, however, middle market tenants are the optimum target when building a triple net lease investment property portfolio.  These tenants are desirable because of their demonstrated stability combined with a capacity for …

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Banff Vacation Property

…  rent. It is easier to immerse yourself in the feeling of the area when you are in a condo or villa rather than in a cookie-cutter hotel. Additionally, when you opt for a condo or villa rental, you will likely take more time to go to local grocery markets and wander the streets in search of restaurants and other sites that may not make it to the travel brochures.
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Commercial vs Residential Real Estate Investment

…  They enter into a long-term triple net lease, wherein the tenant not only makes periodic lease payments but also assumes all responsibility for taxes, insurance, maintenance, repair, and upkeep.  ROI is traditionally significantly higher than for residential properties, with less time, liability, and risk for the investor.
Investors should always consult with industry experts and tax professionals before deciding on a course of action for real estate investing, however triple net lease investment property opportunities definitely warrant a closer look.
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Triple Net Lease Investment Property Exchange

…  1031 exchange program, provided for in the U.S. tax code, allows for the sale and purchase of like-kind properties with a deferral of capital gains and depreciation tax obligations.  In essence, as long as an individual reinvests profits into another property or properties within a specified time period, he can continue to defer the tax debt.  As a result, the money that would typically go to paying taxes on capital gains and depreciation can be leveraged back into cash-flowing investment property.
Triple net lease investment properties work especially well in …

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Triple Net Lease Investment Benefits

…  place.
In a troubled economy, even large national tenants elect to save their capital and, instead of purchasing their own properties, they execute long-term triple net leases.  Under a triple net lease, not only is the tenant responsible for the periodic lease payment, they are also responsible for taxes, insurance, repairs, maintenance, etc.  The tenant basically takes control of the building, alleviating virtually all of the investor’s day-to-day responsibilities.
The triple net lease investment property offers the investor a reliable, reputable, long-term tenant with little or no management responsibility.  With this …

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High Efficiency Green Rehabs

…  made and the corresponding benefits to prospective buyers, tenants, appraisers, and so forth. This can be a very simple yet effective.
Draw attention to specific savings: Find out the average utility costs in your area. Then look at your improvements and list the savings for prospective buyers.

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