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Residential Rental Property Markets Providing Investors Solid Returns

…  for single family REO’s to rental investors are in the Midwest and Florida due to adequate stock of potential REO property and also due to the high cap rates.
Capitalization rates are effective and common measurement tools for measuring the profitability of investment property. Capitalization rates have displayed stability since year 2010 thus they are currently the most suitable tools for measuring annual rental cash flow. The rates have also proved to provide a higher return for real estate investments which is another reason why they are popular. The rate …

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How to Use a Self Directed IRA for Real Estate Investment

…  in our lifetimes is simply control. Large numbers of investors are simply committed to taking control of their own retirement future by setting up a Self-Directed IRA plan. The other motive is simply return’s, when an investor is getting 10% Cash on Cash Return on residential income properties, it is a pretty easy decision for most.
Investment Real Estate is one of the more popular options for using a Self-Directed IRA, otherwise known as a Real Estate IRA or Self Directed IRA LLC. Real Estate investments have a potential higher rate of return through …

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Real Estate Cycles

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Uncover Appreciating Real Estate Markets
You have to be able to understand U.S Home Real Estate Cycles in order to decide where and when to get into your real estate investments. All real estate markets are not created equal. Many local markets are struggling with recovery while others are seeing strong demand and appreciation. Pick the winners and losers Learn More!
Focus on U.S. Income Property
If one’s focus in on appreciation …

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Self Storage Facilities Best U.S. Real Estate Sector

…  it comes to owning property, there are a number of avenues that one can take. But, despite all of the available options, one seems to stand above the rest – self storage facilities. Because of their low maintenance costs (no carpets, no toilets, low capitol rates, etc.) and ability to bring in high returns, self storage facilities have continued to grow into the best form of real estate investments over the last decade, according to studies by Bloomberg. Self storage companies, located all over the country and the world, …

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10 Cap Investment Properties

…  10% properties as these types of properties can be hard to find.
When you are looking to purchase income property be it residential or commercial you have to comfortable with terms like CAP Rate & ROI. These numbers can be very helpful If you understand exactly what they mean and what constitutes a “good” rate of return. To help accurately evaluate potential investment properties it is important to start with a working knowledge of a couple of main formulas used to evaluate potential real estate investments.
First is the CAP Rate …

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Commercial Real Estate Buyers of Investment Property

…  and asset classes.  By working with the Buyers Utopia Network  you will have access to these same institutions. Our intent is for this system produces multiple buyers for the same property – a phenomenon that helps to insure a rapid sale at market price for the property you are selling.
What if my property is an irregular commercial deal would your buyers be interested?
Yes our institutions have hundreds of buyers’ preferences for all the “regular” type commercial real estate investments – multifamily, retail, industrial. We also have multiple buyers for …

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Triple Net Lease Investment Property: An Introduction

…  high potential for stability, flexibility, and excellent return on investment, as long as the investment and lease arrangements are well founded.
What are the risks of investing in Triple Net Lease properties?
With any investment, inherent risks exist and the investor is always advised to seek the advice of real estate professionals, tax experts, and financial consultants. That said, the risks to triple net lease investing are minimized versus many other types of investments, even other kinds real estate investments. Risks include having the tenant become insolvent or otherwise break the …

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Sherwin Williams Triple Net Lease – Sherwin Williams Investment Property

…  Williams Triple Net Investment Property offer real estate investors solid predicable returns. Sherwin Williams Paint Stores make a good real estate investment because they enjoy a Standard & Poor’s Investment Grade credit rating of “A-“.
Sherwin-Williams stores have long been considered desirable real estate investments–and for good reason. The company has been around since the conclusion of the Civil War. Since then, it has grown to become one of the largest chemical, paint and coatings companies in the world. Besides its longevity, Sherwin-Williams’ debt is rated “A” (recently upgraded from “A-“) …

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Real Estate Investment Property Marketing

…  Identi.ca, FriendFeed, Posterous, WordPress and dozens of other social media sites to insure furthur traction and exposure.
It is clear that in today real estate marketplace video is an important element that is often a neglected source of traffic. We can help coordinate that exposure and create killer real estate sales video’s that convert. If you are trying to gain traction in the real estate investment space, you need to stop messing around with amateurs that do not truly understand real estate investments.
Depending on your market or niche we are …

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Triple Net Lease Real Estate Investment

…  real estate investors are realizing Triple Net Lease Real Estate Investments offer a more consistent return and a truly turn key investment property opportunity.  Investors have to ask themselves why invest in a vacation home or residential investment with potential low returns and high maintenance?
Triple Net Lease Real Estate Investment can be anything from a Walgreens Pharmacy to a Starbucks Coffee Shop to a Dollar General Store or even a large a Best Buy Retail site.  Net Leased real estate investment opportunities are usually standing buildings that are leased …