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…  services firm Leju Holdings Limited allowing it to tap China's wealthy pool of property buyers who could be U.S. real estate's next investors, according to a new report on RIS Media …
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Pittsburgh makes top 10 buyers' markets in the U.S. for residential real estate
Pittsburgh is turning into a buyer's market for home sales. That's the word from online real estate firm Zillow Inc., which named Pittsburgh one of the top 10 buyers' markets in the United States for August. It was No. 6 on a list …

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Dollar General Investment Property Offers Real Estate Investors Good Returns

Dollar General Investment Properties & Family Dollar Investment Properties
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The BuyersUtopia network has Dollar General Investment Properties available all over the Country including 15 year NNN Dollar Generals that are brand new and hard to find.  Prices range from $500,000 – $1,ooo,ooo .  Even though many investors choose to make Dollar General acquisitions with 100% cash/equity transactions we also have financing options for investors with 35% down payments.
Dollar General Corp is the nation’s leading discount general store operator with 10,203 locations.These Dollar General leased properties give an investor the opportunity to receive …

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Atlanta Investment Property Market

…  than their properties were worth.  Job losses, budget cuts, layoffs and setbacks crippled enclaves throughout the area. And Atlanta seemed to many experts to be at the epicenter of the turmoil.  Real estate prices in the once burgeoning metro area (consisting of several counties) tumbled fast as the foreclosure fiasco gripped the region.
Things Looking Up
However, things are turning around, and investors are seeing light at the end of what was a dismal tunnel. Recently, some areas of the United States have started to actually hit bottom, and that’s good …

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Foreign National Investment Properties

…  Real Estate Investor Trends in the United States
The National Association of Realtors (“NAR”) recently revealed statistics showing that foreign investors in the United States have increased to 24 percent since 2011. Over half of international investors hailed from India, China, Canada, the United Kingdom and Mexico. Over 55 percent of foreign buyers came from these five countries.
Where were these buyers purchasing properties?  Primarily in the states of New York, California, Texas, Florida and Arizona. The majority of sales, approximately 60 percent, were concentrated in these five states. And 62 …

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Tulsa Investment Property

…  Oklahoma, employment opportunities within the agricultural, natural gas, and oil sectors are contributing to a housing market turnaround. Many experts predict a total recovery is in the wings, even as many parts of the United States still struggle through one of the worst economic downturns the nation has ever experienced. Attractive mortgage rates, strong homes sales, and the low rate of foreclosures in areas like the large metropolis of Oklahoma City are driving homebuyers to the state.
Many cities within The Sooner State are reporting positive market statistics. Though housing …

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How to Predict Best Real Estate Investment Markets

…  a macro US housing market (except for a REIT perhaps), you can only invest in micro markets.  Some investors choose to only invest in their back yard which is fine, while others want to leverage other markets across the US, which is a rapidly growing concept and will continue to grow as real estate investors seek out markets that will give them an advantage.
Here are a couple of quick facts about the recent housing boom that most people may have missed.

Only 25 markets, or 7 percent of the United …

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Bulk Single Family Home Portfolios Bought & Sold By Investors in Pools

…  Buyers Utopia Network of investors is actively looking to acquire portfolios of occupied and rented bulk single-family houses throughout the United States. If you are an owner of portfolios of rented single family homes  Our individual investors & institutional private equity funds are in need of investment grade residential assets. Your rental properties are in demand and you now have a viable exit strategy for your properties. Local and regional asset teams that are buying, fixing and renting houses in markets throughout the US should update us periodically with their changing …

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Foreign Buyers U.S. Property Investment Growing

…  housing market in the United States is becoming more appealing to foreign investors, who view it as a safe investment haven. These buyers are becoming increasingly attracted to the nation’s low prices and vast inventory.
According to a report released by the National Association of REALTORS® (Profile of International Home Buying Activity 2012, Purchases of U.S. Real Estate by International Clients for the Twelve Month Period Ending March 2012), $82.5 Billion in sales can be attributed to global buyers. The …  those purchases made during a twelve month span ending March …

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Parking Garage Buyers Target Returns In Niche Investment Property Market

…  densities, such as urban locations, will lend to a more profitable, long-term investment.  Further, automating parking payment processes will add exponentially to an investor’s bottom line. Changing facility parking rates (i.e., early bird specials, special event rates, etc.) will also contribute to successfully reducing operating costs, thereby lending to more favorable profit margins.
Dissecting a Twenty Billion Dollar Industry
The International Parking Institute (IPI) states the United States has over 5 million meters and over 105 million parking spaces. Annual gross figures reveal parking is a $20 billion dollar industry.  At first …

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Equity Based Crowd Funding

…  for smaller enterprises.
America has 6 million formal, small businesses in existence today. Most of these companies are not positioned to take advantage of angel investors, funding groups and investor cells like those most-often associated with Silicon Valley. It’s these other enterprises that will benefit from the JOBS Act and the permitted policies and procedures under its umbrella.
Between the early 1990s and 2009, smaller companies created approximately one-third of new jobs in the United States (65%).  It’s clear these entities are the force behind America’s continuous growth. But that force …