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Real Estate Submit URL

Welcome… I assume you are looking for real estate related back links. You probably read somewhere that if you type in a Google Search for “Real Estate Add URL” or “Real Estate Submit URL” that you will find real estate directories to submit your real estate site to for free.  I hate to burst your bubble but you are wasting your time with directories, that strategy was so 2004 and over before the real estate bubble.

Maybe you read that you can also find real estate blogs that fit your niche and all you have to do is offer commentary for a link by simply adding your comments.  Of course you will have to sift thru some of the real estate blogs that are not useful and post on the ones that are.  Guess what …the vast majority of real estate blogs are NO Follow and a complete waste of time to comment on.   If your only goal is to get some link love, you will be literally wasting your time and getting no link value from it.  That being said if you want to add value to a real estate post as a commenter it is still a good strategy to post comments, as you will be perceived as an expert and maybe someone will then click your link and land on your site.  Don’t expect Google to follow your link though and just know why you are posting is to add value and to be perceived as an expert.

Discouraged with building links to your local real estate site now?  Unless you have a well aged site that is viewed as an authority site it is an uphill battle to gain organic Real Estate SEO rankings , competition is emmence.  One overlooked strategy as a solution though is to partner with an established real estate authoritysites in your niche and get quality real content posted on that site ( not a weak comment).   Much like the only value in posting comments is to be perceived as an expert ( since most comments are NO FOLLOW) you can write short artciles on your local real estate market and not only be perceived as an expert but actually get some traffic and real links, which I am guessing is your goal.

In looking for a partner site you should focus on a niche.  For instance this site generally ranks well nationally for search terms related to investment property and real estate investment, not just in one market we dominate but in most markets and quite possibly in your market too. The residential real estate investment market alone is estimated as a 1/3 Billion annual market, agents and brokers need to get a piece of that locally.  Real Estate Investors are also repeat buyers and it is time better spent if you are a real estate agent or broker.  An investor acquires investment property every other year instead of once every seven years on average for typical home owners.  If you work with real estate investors in your market or want to learn how to get exposure by being a local real estate investment expert contact us,( only if you feel you can really add value though)  for the right people you may actually get some real links, traffic and exposure.

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