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Mandatory Energy Benchmarking for Green Real Estate Investment

…  submit annual benchmark reports on building energy and water usage.  Since the law will eventually require public disclosure of this information, property owners and investors could see a big shift in focus toward building energy performance when buying and selling. These and other local initiatives are springing up in different cities and regions across the country, and could finally bring the building retrofit market to scale. As the overall U.S. housing market slowly recovers, owners and real estate investors should educate themselves on how these new green building standards …

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Denver Area Income Property For Sale

…  compared to extreme bubble markets such as Phoenix, Las Vegas or Florida.  Price to rent ratios and price per square foot on distressed properties are starting to make sense and cash on cash returns are often in the low double digits.  Knowing how to conduct the proper due diligence on a property is an important part of real estate investing, as is finding the best area where income property is for sale.
There are several areas of Denver that offer strong returns and potential growth to real estate investors that are …

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2011 2012 Tax Cuts Help Real Estate Investment

…  of  the artciles on Buyers Utopia are sepcific to real estate and real estate investment but the recent tax cuts effects do effect the bottom of line of all real estate investors so we would like to discuss some of the spefics.  As you probably know Congress has passed and President Obama signed on December 16, 2010 the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010. The legislation extends the Bush income tax cuts for 2011 and 2012 for all taxpayers. That means the 35% maximum …

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Ken Wade Real Estate

…  investing system and tactics.  He tried just about every technique you can think of analyzing market fundamentals such as employment and population growth, but non of them worked.  Nothing he could find would accurately produce market history.
Then partly due to improvement in technology and access to that technology, Ken found real, reliable and accurate Government housing data that would allow technical analysis to work and truly see what was happening in nearly 400 US real estate markets.
Real Estate Investors who would like a heads up of when to get …

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2011 Real Estate  Market Outlook

…  big question for both home buyers and real estate investors is;  What is the 2011 real estate market outlook ? Many predictions are being thrown about, butboth home buyers and investors need to consider the sources of these predictions before taking them too seriously. Remember the national media in 2005-6 was still bullish on the real estate market.  In fact when they where writing those positive predictions the real estate bubble had already burst. 
One thing for sure opportunities will be abundant  for savvy buyers as …

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Non Traded Real Estate Investment Trusts

…  investing.
Since there is less volatility in non traded REIT’s investors also have a greater potential for gains. The other advantage of purchasing a non-traded REIT is the hope that the after the initial purchase the REIT company may eventually do a public offering on a stock exchange. In this event it gives the investor a chance to sell shares with out paying a recapture tax on the dividends. This is particularly key for a high net worth investor. The other big benefit for traditional real estate investors is …

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Triple Net Lease Real Estate Investment

…  real estate investors are realizing Triple Net Lease Real Estate Investments offer a more consistent return and a truly turn key investment property opportunity.  Investors have to ask themselves why invest in a vacation home or residential investment with potential low returns and high maintenance?
Triple Net Lease Real Estate Investment can be anything from a Walgreens Pharmacy to a Starbucks Coffee Shop to a Dollar General Store or even a large a Best Buy Retail site.  Net Leased real …  to save on capital. Freed of such high initial costs …

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Real Estate Add URL – Real Estate Submit URL

…  and real links, which I am guessing is your goal.
In looking for a partner site you should focus on a niche.  For instance this site generally ranks well nationally for search terms related to investment property and real estate investment, not just in one market we dominate but in most markets and quite possibly in your market too. The residential real estate investment market alone is estimated as a 1/3 Billion annual market, agents and brokers need to get a piece of that locally.  Real Estate Investors are also repeat buyers and …

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Buying Income Property In Denver

…  Denver county as of 1/5/2011. This is important for those buying income property in Denver, because the NED list consists of home owners 30, 60 and 90 days late on their mortgage payment. Historically, a large number of homeowners on the NED list eventually default and fall into the foreclosure process. As the number of NED homeowners decreases, the foreclosure supply should eventually decrease accordingly.
The declining home values and surge in foreclosures has created ample opportunity for real estate investors who are seeking positive cash flow properties both in …

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Des Moines Investment Property Staging

…  Moines Investment Property Staging
Foreclosures are at record highs all across the country, which has created significant opportunity for real estate investors and prospective home buyers.  With overbuilding in the West Des Monies and Jordan Creek areas, 2000 built or newer homes are available at discounted prices.  Foreclosed homes purchased by real estate investors to be repaired and sold again are reaping the benefits of staged homes.  

Prior to distressed real estate markets, homeowners were able to sell their property without having the home staged fairly easily.  In today’s market, buyers …