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Green Real Estate Investment
Green Investment Property Add Value

The objective of a Green Investment Property is to increase the property owners net operating income by implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives. If you are a building owner, developer, REIT ( Real Estate Investment Trust ) or a property manager sustainability can and should be an added source of profitability for you.

Investment Property owners need a specialized Green partner to help them  identify, simplify, and execute energy initiatives in order to take action against rising energy costs, increase net operating income (NOI), and strengthen their brands. A green team of experienced advisers can provide pragmatic, credible, and unbiased professional services to help companies make smarter energy decisions.

By greening a property the bottom line goes up by increasing net operating income, occupancy, and building value. Their are many  lucrative and timely financial incentives available to fund green projects.  Government & Utility Incentives, Business Loans, Leases & Power Purchase Agreements & Property Tax Financing are just some of the funding tools available to property owners.  The key is to have a green energy advocate working with the property owner to sort through the available incentives.

Property owners need to start with a comprehensive  approach to energy management and review existing energy use, reduces consumption through energy efficiency, and generates renewable energy.  All these initiatives deliver a clear business case with strong emphasis on the property owners bottom line.

Green Investment Property Energy Audit’s

A review of energy use is typically done as a commercial energy audit. This audit will review the building current energy use and discover important ways to improve energy use.  A detailed review of utility bills and rates, solar feasibility studies, energy efficiency opportunities and financing and incentive options all would be looked at in a commercial energy audit.

As part of an audit concrete steps need to be provided to building owners to reduce energy consumption. Energy costs can be reduced by changing both building and behaviors. Typical systems and recommendations that will be looked at are Building controls and EMS, HVAC & Mechanical, Building Envelope, Lighting as well as business process and employee behavior.

Any quality audit will also provide alternatives to generate distributed renewable energy. This will look at how to best make energy on site from the sun, wind or earth.  PV Solar ( electric), Solar Thermal ( hot water), Small Wind & Geothermal will all be alternatives for real estate investment property owners to consider based on their locations and incentives available.

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By:  Robert Stec

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