Defer Taxes With A 1031 Exchange

by The Real Estate Buyers

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A 1031 Exchange will help you reach your investment goals faster. Re-invest your gains (rather than pay capital gains taxes) so your capital can grow faster and produce more income.  An Investment Property Exchange will help you get higher return on investment (ROI) on your investment property. An Investment Property Exchange will save you money by deferring taxes.

If you are  planning to sell an investment property but hate the idea of potentially paying tens of thousands of dollars in capital gains taxes to the IRS. You can reduce or defer capital gains taxes – and grow your investments faster – with a 1031 investment property exchange.  (Also consider these traditional tax deductions for investment property business )

Through the BuyersUtopia Real Estate Investment Network you can gain a reliable team to assist you with your investment property exchange.  The network also specializes in assisting identifying replacement properties in the following investment property exchange categories:

-Residential Investment Properties
-Commercial Investment Properties
-Distressed Investment Properties
Triple Net Lease Real Estate Investment
-Resort & Vacation Properties
-Oil & Gas Properties
-Tenant In Common

Too many people mistakenly make themselves liable to pay capital gains taxes upon the sale investment property when they plan to purchase a replacement property. They simply haven’t nor have been told about the wealth building strategy allowed by IRC Section 1031, nor do they have the right team assembled to help facilitate an investment property exchange.

IRS Investment Property Exchange Regulation

On April 25, 1991, the IRS issued deferred exchange regulation-Reg 1.1031(k)-, that allows taxpayers to defer all of the capital gains taxes resulting from the sale of investment property, when they will use a Qualified Intermediary, follow the IRS guidelines, and use the money to buy more suitable investment property within 180 days of their sale.

This means that you can reinvest the money you would otherwise have lost to capital gains taxes if you will use the extra money to buy more investment property for the purpose of making more money. This can be done within and between all classes of investment property anywhere in the USA. Our Service Team is here to help make 1031 Exchange as easy and effective for you as possible.

Generally, if you exchange business or investment property solely for business or investment property of a like-kind, no gain or loss is recognized under Internal Revenue Code Section 1031. If, as part of the exchange, you also receive other (not like-kind) property or money, gain is recognized to the extent of the other property and money received, but a loss is not recognized.  Section 1031 does not apply to exchanges of inventory, stocks, bonds, notes, other securities or evidence of indebtedness, or certain other assets.  Properties are of like-kind, if they are of the same nature or character, even if they differ in grade or quality. Real properties generally are of like-kind, regardless of whether the properties are improved or unimproved. However, real property in the United States and real property outside the United States are not like-kind properties

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