Triple Net Lease Restaurant Buyers

by The Real Estate Buyers

Triple Net Lease Fast Food Location Buyers

The Buyers Utopia Networks investors are  actively looking for Single Tenant Triple Net Lease fast food restaurant locations.  Our current investment needs are for properties priced in the $1 Million to $2 Million dollar ranges.  The locations can be either franchisee or corporate stores.

Please note our network is currently only acquiring fast food locations only ! We are actively looking for the following single tenant triple net leases:

  • Wendys Triple Net Leases
  • Burger King Triple Net Leases
  • Dunkin Donuts Triple Net Leases
  • Arbys Triple Net Leases
  • WhatABurger Triple Net Leases
  • Taco Bell Triple Net Leases
  • Jack In The Box Triple Net Leases
  • Chick Fill A Triple Net Leases
  • Carl’s Jr. Triple Net Leases
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Triple Net Leases

Triple Net Lease Restaurant Buyers Criteria

Locations for these Fast Food Triple Net Lease properties can be anywhere in the United States.  Ideally we are looking for long term NNN leases.  The ideal lease length should have at least a 15 year term remaining on the lease.  The target acquisition is a minimun of a 7% cap rate and rent to sales ratio should be under 10%.  Smaller franchisees of 5 plus units may also be accepted in exchange for high volume locations.

If you are a triple net lease fast food lease holder and are considering selling your property please contact us. Please not we are currently only considering single tenant fast food triple net lease investments that meet the above minimum criteria.

If you are not a seller but instead an triple net lease investor looking to acquire triple net lease real estate investment  property contact us with your NNN investment criteria to be updated with opportunities. [iphorm_popup id=1 name=”Contact Form”]Contact Us Here[/iphorm_popup]

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