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Who are Typical Triple Net Lease Property Sellers

…  purchasing a triple net lease investment property, the investor may be able to develop an advantageous buying strategy based on the profile of the property seller.
Real Estate Developer 
Purchasing a triple net property from a real estate developer offers a variety of advantages to the investor.  In this scenario, the developer has done much of the legwork already.  To obtain project financing, the developer has to secure a good tenant, which typically will have required a full range of due diligence …  and the investor.  This situation arises when a business concern owns their …

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Corporate Tenant Ratings

…  offered by having corporate tenants in their investment properties.  Corporate tenant income properties have always been a favorite of institutions but now we are seeing more and more regular  investors moving out of residential and multi family properties and into single tenant commercial properties with corporate tenants.
With leases ranging from 5 years to 20 years on investment grade tenants offer investors the long term security they desire.  One of the big benefits of these long term triple net lease is that the Tenant and not the property owners are responsible for …

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Triple Net Lease Property Purchase Options

…  addition to retail properties and office buildings, investors seeking to make triple net lease property purchases should consider restaurant, grocery, and other types of food-service properties.  Property sizes and locations may vary widely, making it easy for the investor to find a property that fits with their financial goals and investment portfolio.  Even in times of economic downturn, the consumer must eat.
National restaurant chains include such well-known entities as McDonalds, Burger King, Olive Garden, Applebee’s, Red Lobster, and Denny’s.  This type …  of express type hotels without services.
Many triple net investors tend to …

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Retail Investment Property – Single Tenant Triple Net

…  many investors consider triple net lease properties, they look to office buildings.  However, many other types of real estate purchases will fit well with a NNN lease structure.  Depending on the investor’s goals, retail properties provide many diverse and stable options for building the investment portfolio.  Retail investment properties encompass a wide range of business types and tenant profiles.
Drug stores are one of the most prolific types of retail real estate, and one of the most secure investment …  smaller buildings although the amount of security and other specialized equipment required in bank …

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Online Commercial Real Estate Search

…  investors turn more and more to purchasing real estate, especially commercial properties, the competition for the best deals becomes more and more aggressive.  Triple net lease investment properties, one of the most lucrative property types in today’s fluctuating market, often can’t be located through traditional methods.  Commercial real estate agents are an option, but a wealth of resources exists today to help investors identify properties themselves.
Commercial real estate typically is not listed in regional multiple listing service databases, however a number of excellent resources exist online to help identify commercial …

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Finding Triple Net Lease Investment Properties

…  popular choice for real estate investors today are commercial properties, especially those with national tenants under triple net leases. These properties are attractive because, under a triple net lease agreement, the tenant is responsible for virtually all costs associated with the property, including taxes, insurance, maintenance, and upkeep.  Not only do these properties build equity for the investor, they typically produce positive cash flow, reliably and almost immediately.  For the tenant, triple net leases allow for complete control over the facility but without the inherent risks or cash outlay.
Triple net lease investment …

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Triple Net Lease Office Buildings Attract Real Estate Investors

…  considering the purchase of triple net lease investment properties, many types of real estate purchases will fit with a NNN lease structure.  Depending on the investor’s goal however, some types may be better suited to meet those needs, however the most common types of properties are office buildings, retail properties, and industrial facilities.
Below we explore the most common types of office properties the investor may choose, to achieve the best return on investment from triple net lease agreements.
Office buildings and complexes may house almost any type and size tenant, and …

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Triple Net Lease Tenant – The Right Tenant is Key to Success

…  key to success with a triple net lease property investment is locating (and keeping) the right tenant.  The best tenant will be the one for whom the property is an excellent fit and who provides the right cash flow and security for the investor.
Based on credit worthiness (which may be determined with the help of Standard & Poor’s index or Moody’s reporting) and other factors, tenants may execute a short- or long-term lease and they may or may not  accept periodic rent escalation clauses as a part of …  inventory reports, income …

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Single Tenant Development Equity Partners For Triple Net Lease Deals

…  Care, Divita, Fresenius
Auto NNN Tenants: Autozone, Advance Auto Parts, Bridgestone/Firestone, Discount Tire, Goodyear, O’Reilly’s, Tuffy’s

ATTENTION DEVELOPERS: If you are an independent developer who wants to do more deals make more money with less overhead and allow you to focus on what you do best, develop real estate then contact us. our real estate investment partners focus on providing equity capital for net lease development deals to be your go to equity source.
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Commercial Real Estate Buyers of Investment Property

…  not be interested.
I want to offer my property to your network, what’s next?
Contact us, with a preliminary overview of your property. We will schedule a conference call with you and provide you a checklist of items we will need from you to submit a complete package to our investors.
Learn about Commercial Master Lease Options  You can control and  acquire or flip commercial investment property to our network.
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