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Commercial Master Lease Option Methods For Acquiring or Flipping Real Estate Investment Properties

…  multi-million dollar commercial real estate deals.
The Commercial Master Lease Option Seller Gets:
• easy sale of the property
• lease payments on the equity of the property paid every month
• freedom from involvement in the operation of the property
The Commercial Master Lease Option Buyer Gets:
• a purchase involving no banks or lenders or appraisal
• all cash flow above the lease payment
• an option to buy at a pre-fixed price within a set period of time no matter how much the property value has increased
• all profits above the master lease agreement …

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Self Storage Investment Property Cap Rates

…  cap rate, the higher the value. And value, found by dividing your NOI by capitalization rate, is another important factor. However, why is it that some investments offer higher yields than others? And some sell much lower? What is the determining factor? And more importantly, who is the one to decide? Unfortunately though, there is not one simple answer. Factors such as differences between buyers, sellers, appraisers, and lenders’ cap rates and varying market rates all go into determining property value, plus plenty others.
According to an article from Inside …

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How Cost Segregation Are Beneficial to Self Storage Owners

…  either. Non-climate controlled units can claim “upwards to 65 percent qualifying tangible personal property.” Not bad numbers for those who own either type of facility.
Real Estate Trends
The self storage real estate market has also changed significantly over the past few years. Figuring cost segregation rates is now an important factor to determining the value of a facility. Potential buyers should find a facility’s cost segregation rates in order to find an accurate insurance rate, property value, and net worth for tax purposes. Failing to consider the correct cost segregation …

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Memphis Investment Properties

…  For Due Diligence Access to Detailed Pro Formas On This Cash Flow Positive Portfolio
All 5 Memphis Investment Properties have a 6 months Landlord Tenant Protection contract. If your tenant loses their job, as landlord you will be protected guaranteed up to 6 months of payments backed by a third party A Rated Insurance Company,
All 5 properties have contractual Price Protection to mitigate and hedge against any risks of market downturns and property value declines. ( by a third party A Rated Insurance Company) This Protects against …

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Mandatory Energy Benchmarking for Green Real Estate Investment

…  energy and water usage is made available via the US EPA web-based Portfolio Management tool. The hope is that these annual benchmarks will encourage property owners to think twice about energy costs and how to save through the application of new technologies and energy usage best practices.  By 2013, energy data on all public, non-residential, and residential buildings will be made available to the public.  In effect, the energy benchmark could work alongside other metrics used to determine property value such as location, building type, and square footage.
New York …

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Private Money Investment

Private Money Investment via private lenders and hard money lenders have fueled our economy while conventional banks still continue to stay on the sidelines for investment property loans.  What has become evident is that there is so much demand in the market for private money that it’ a great window of opportunity for investors to participate and earn high returns as private money lenders.
Investors must be smart in their anaylsis of deals however, for many investors and borrowers the old adage “that real estate values always go up”  is clearly not …

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Evaluating Denver Investment Property

Skyler Moore

Investors all across the country have been burnt by purchasing a proforma, rather than an investment property.  I personally have seen this happen over and over again in the Denver market for both residential and commercial investment properties.  Sure property values have dropped, which has caused real estate owners to become upside down, but often the proforma numbers they were given were set up for failure.
Evaluating real estate is quite simple once you know what you are doing, it just takes some experience.  One of the first things that …

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Oak Park Real Estate Investment Property

Investment Opportunities in Oak Park Real Estate The old saw, “location, location, location” has kept Oak Park property values strong and stable, and with green concerns and energy costs, continues to provide a leading edge for this community that is centrally situated between urban downtown Chicago and the Far West suburbs. Vacancy rates in Oak Park investment property remain consistently low; interest in redevelopment remains high. Many opportunities exist in the multiple commercial and business districts as well as in the residential sectors.
Ideal Location Chicago Real Estate’s broker Eli Schultz, …

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Apartment Investment Property Cap Rate Targets

In commercial real estate, apartment building investors continue to be the most optimistic sector especially as net job growth seems to be on the rebound.  Although it’s anticipated that investment property values will hold up in the multi family sector the same can not be said for retail, office, mixed use and epecially hospitality as further declines in valuation are anticipated.
Apartment investor demand is rebounding and although capital is reentering the market, much capital remains on the sideline as investors are treading carefully.  This is due to a number of factors  including the combination of stiff …

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Distressed Chicago Multi Family Investment Properties

A study by DePaul University’s Institute for Housing Studies found that $3 billion of multi-family property mortgages already are in foreclosure, affecting more than 32,000 rental units in Cook County. This includes both multi unit 2, 3 & 4 Flats as well as multi-family 5+ units.
But that is just the tip of the iceberg in cook county as approximately 38,000 additional single-family homes are already in foreclosure in Cook County. The Institute for Housing Studies predicts that and additional Another $12.6 billion in multi-family mortgages are at risk.
Falling property values …